Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Madame Secretary, A Conspiracy Theory . . .

I only watched a few episodes of Madame Secretary last season. The acting is very good. It conveniently aired right before my favorite show, The Good Wife, which I never miss. It seemed like a good opportunity for me to extend my quality television viewing. However, something didn’t sit well with me from the beginning. I had a feeling that this show was indirectly about Hillary Clinton. Two women with blonde hair acting as Secretary of State was a little too much of a coincidence for me, not to mention the timing. I got the impression that by making people like this character they would somehow transfer these positive feelings to Hillary. A subliminal brainwashing of sorts. Anyway, that was my state of mind and it’s my conspiracy theory. For some unknown reason CBS is trying to help Hillary’s campaign and Lord knows she could use it.

I couldn’t take to the show. There were too many hostages that needed rescuing around the world. Madame Secretary never used “legal” channels for her rescuing. She would hire people in foreign countries, our enemies, to accomplish the rescue and then take the flack after the fact. In one episode, maybe the last one I watched, she actually asked her husband, a college professor, to give this Russian kid an A so they would release the hostages. Seriously. Her husband balked at the idea for a while, not willing to compromise the integrity of his position. Madame Secretary needles him for a while and works out some compromise until the poor guy gives in and does what she wants.  I stopped watching. The plot lines are too ridiculous for me to stay tuned in.

This season has just premiere with Madame Secretary becoming President and taking the oath of office. We see the commercial and my husband laughs and says, “This could never happen.” He explains to me that she is FOUR people away from the Oval Office. But somehow the writers conveniently manage to get rid of those four people so she could step in. How did they do that? The President and Speaker of the House are on Air Force One and their plane goes missing. This happens the same day as the Vice President is having gall bladder surgery. The President Pro Tem of the Senate isn’t capable of taking office either due to a series of mini strokes that have affected his ability to make decisions. You see what I mean? The lengths they go through to get Madame Secretary into that Oval Office are just unbelievable. If that doesn’t validate my conspiracy theory, what does?

And now, we get to see a woman who was Secretary of State, run the country and get a preview of what it might be like with Hillary as President. And CBS wasted no time making sure she moved up the ranks while Hillary is sliding dow the polls. Is this a coincidence too? Maybe CBS gave Hillary’s campaign a lot of money and the proof is in this missing emails? Someone should look into this for me. 

Meanwhile Hillary keeps saying that Madame Secretary s her favorite show. I wonder why?