Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anthony Weiner, NY Representative, and His Weener

Over the long holiday weekend, while many New Yorkers were roasting weeners, Anthony Weiner (or a “hacker”) was busy posting weeners on his Twitter account. The picture was of Mr. Weiner’s “bulging underwear-clad penis.”

Mr. Weiner isn’t exactly denying that he sent the tweet and has since hired an attorney to deal with the embarrassing situation since he has more pressing matters that need his attention. He claims his account was hacked and brushed off the incident. The tweet was caught by a website, that determined it was directed to a college student in Seattle, Gennette Nicole Cordova, who subsequently issued a statement denying she was involved with Weiner, who was recently married.

The story may have ended there, but Mr. Weiner never denied sending the tweet of himself in the underwear. The non-denial raised the interest of CNN and other media to pursue the matter further. Wiener released a couple of statements from his office and referred the media to their contents for answers.

The Twitter user who discovered the tweet, Dan Wolfe, denies hacking the account, but says he found the tweet at 5:45 pm on May 27th when it went public. The incident is now being called Weinergate.

Seems like a stupid thing to do, but politicians are known for doing stupid things. I think Mr. Weiner’s punishment will come from his new bride, who is sure to raise many questions and, if she is smart, will get to the bottom of it. It may even cost him votes down the road, if an opponent chooses to exploit this “faux-pas” during future elections. Curiosity got the best of me so I searched the picture online. Of course, there it was, plain as day. No one can identify it was Mr. Weiner who was wearing the underwear, but it came directly from his account and was deleted shortly after, but not fast enough.

I’m sure the late night talk show hosts will be making the most of this story. Maybe he had one beer too many?



Monday, May 30, 2011

The Heat Is On!

At Coney Island Beach

I know I complained most of the winter about all the snow. I’m guilty. It was the worst winter I remember in my lifetime. But I don’t remember wishing for the heat. And I sure as hell didn’t wish for the humidity! It was 89 and humid today. For people who enjoy the beach or the pool, that’s probably delightful weather. Thousands of people were at Coney Island today enjoying the ocean. I enjoy neither.

I barely got to open my windows this year. After the weather started to warm up to the 70’s, it rained and rained for days at a time. April showers they call them. But those showers started in March and carried on into May. I would just like to enjoy some fresh air, but for one reason or another, the windows have to be shut. Now it’s hot, and the AC’s are already on. I suppose there is a chance we may get some cooler weather here or there, but it’s already Memorial Day and here, that means, summer has begun.

Still, complaining aside, if I had to choose between snow storms or 90 degree days, I would have to pick the heat. It’s more uncomfortable, but there are some remedies to stay cool. At least we can still park and travel as usual and don’t have to strategize how to get to work and back home. The sun doesn’t interfere with the roads and parking, mail delivery, or trash pickup. The snow definitely causes many more problems and inconveniences.

I think I will look at this as another opportunity to “adjust” to hot temperatures in case I decide to move to Florida with all the other senior citizens. I’m going to need a lot of practice if I ever decide to go that route. Every cold and miserable winter is pushing me more and more to actually consider relocating to a warmer climate. Decisions, decisions.

If you love the sun, stock up on sunscreen and protect your skin. My daughter was sitting in the shade yesterday and her shoulder was bright red when she came it. Be prepared. Meanwhile, until further notice, I’ll be sipping a pina colada and sitting next to the AC until October 15th.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day of the Barbeque (Part 2), “It‘s All Under Control!”

Okay, I am not supposed to be doing anything because it’s all under control. So after I return from food shopping for the week I begin to set some things up while my daughter is sleeping. First, the potatoes have to be cooked so they can be chilled for potato salad. While the are cooking, I arrange the grill in a convenient spot in the yard and place the charcoal and lighter fluid out nearby. Cut up the grill box, take out the new table and open it up and set it in a good spot under the tree. Then I get out the plastic dishes, cups, utensils, tablecloth. I wash the new spatulas, tongs, forks, bowls. Set out a nice big garbage bag for trash. Sweep up a little left over grass from yesterday’s mowing.

Then I go inside and shuck the 8 ears of corn they brought over yesterday. Next, check the potatoes and the time, because my daughter wants to get up at 10. I remember to put 10 bottles of water in the fridge. I bring up the two chairs from the basement and wash them off and set them outside. Everything is looking good when my daughter comes downstairs to take a peek. Then I tell her to have her breakfast, her bagel is on the table. “Can this be toasted?”, she asks. “Of course it can,” I answer, “give it to me.” And as she gets her toasted bagel, which I hand her on a plate, I take the potatoes off the stove and rinse them in cold water. “Do you need me to do anything else?” I ask. “No, I have everything under control,” she answers.

She goes to pick up her boyfriend, who is also a member of this high tech production. They walk in with the ribs that have to be baked for an hour or so on this lovely 85 degree day. She takes the bottled beer and tries putting it in the refrigerator. “The beer won’t fit,” she says. “I’ll put it in, just hand it to me,” I say. “Can I have a tray for the asparagus?,” he asks. “Sure, can you use this?” I answer. “Okay, is that it?,” I ask, hoping for an affirmative answer. “Yeah, we’re good.” she tells me. I almost had a foot out of the kitchen when I hear, “should we cook the corn now?” I reply, “No, corn doesn’t take long to cook, wait till the coals are hot.” “Okay, we have everything under control.“ And, upon hearing that, I sneak out of the kitchen, I have a blog to write!

I go down to check on things and figure I better make the potato salad now, because they can’t agree on what time to start cooking. As I make the potato salad, a tall young man wants to know where’s the meat? I ask him if he means the burgers, and he says yes. And then he wants the marinade. I ask which one, the one they brought over or the KC Masterpiece? He doesn’t know so he goes out to check and never comes back, leaving the burgers on the counter. I call my daughter on the cell. Your friend came in for burgers, took them out of the refrigerator and left them on the counter. She gets annoyed (not with me for a change) and comes in to put them back in the fridge. I tell her please let me and your father know when the burgers are done so we can eat and then I go back and do more blogging.

The burgers are done, the salads prepared and things seem to be going smoothly now. I ate a burger and went on my merry way. Now that the cooking and eating is underway, things seem to have settled down. I know I will be summoned again when it’s time for the fruit. I don’t mind. I just wish my daughter was enjoying herself for all the time, expense and work that was involved. She seems tense and annoyed. I tried to explain to her that hosting and entertaining are not for everyone. But who ever listens to me?

Finally, the fruit is sent out! The dishes are almost all done. The leftovers are wrapped. The trash is all packed. The beer is all gone. Just a few minor details to wrap this all up! Now I take a breath and say, “It’s all under control!”

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Kicks Off Summer 2011!

The unofficial start of the summer season begins with Memorial Day. Many people will be headed out for long weekend visits, going to the beach or having BBQs. Even we went out to get a grill and a folding table because my daughter wanted to invite some friends over. I went out and got her all her paper products and utensils too. I gave some good advice. She said, You don’t have to worry about anything” after all the supplies were bought, “I have all it under control.” So I sat back and relaxed. I get a call this morning. “Can you help me make potato salad tomorrow?” “Sure,” I answer, “but make sure you buy the small white potatoes for that because…” I am interrupted, “Can you get them while you are at the store tomorrow morning?” “Sure I can pick those up. Anything else you need.” “No I have it all covered,” she says.

I am the one who “suggested she get the grill and table, charcoal and lighting fluid Thursday night. I am the one who went out Friday to get the plates, tablecloth, utensils, dishes napkins etc etc etc. I suggested assembling the grill Saturday. But she is the one who has it all under control. To be perfectly honest, she didn’t want me to go to any trouble, she only asked for potato salad. But I volunteered because I realized how many stores she would need to go to today. She is buying all the food today, the veggies, fruit and meat and she worked hard all week, so I offered and volunteered and made a real pain in the ass out of myself, as usual. I am a nag and overly helpful to a fault. In the end though, she benefits from it.

Life is full of laughs, ha ha. So, she is out getting the food as I type and,when she sees this blog she may see red. But, she still needs me to make the potato salad, so maybe she will let this blog slide. I will report back if the BBQ is blog worthy tomorrow with another installment. Until then, I might have a little extra work to do around here. My husband and I were out in the yard this morning. He was mowing the grass and I was trimming weeds for the BBQ when I should have been sleeping of the Benadryll…but she has it all under control. Sigh!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

P.S. Daughter comes home.  I heard you were complaining about the potato salad.  "Yeah, I was." I respond.  "Well, could you get me broccoli, aperagus, watermelon or grapes?"  she asks.  "Sure, I say, as long as you have it all under control!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Is Sentenced...

And guess what? People Magazine says she is mad! I am mad too. I have waited a long time to see what punishment she was going to get. She has a long arrest record. Her latest problem, for which she is being sentenced, is her jewelry theft of a $2,500 dollar necklace. If you would like to see the impressive timeline of her criminal incidents there will be a link below that begins with October, 2005 up until today. Yes, you read right, 6 years of criminal offenses.

Well, let’s see what her sentence is and then why she is angry over it. For being guilty of stealing the necklace AND violating probation she was taken to a women’s prison yesterday morning and released a few hours later and sent home for house arrest for four months. Not only that, she will have to wear an ankle bracelet for 35 days. Since the police department already have her mug shot and fingerprints already on file, none of those time consuming procedures were necessary. Lindsay is going to foot the bill of the monitoring. The prison term was imposed not for the theft of the jewelry, for which she pleaded no contest, but for violating her 2007 parole. Lindsay Lohan had no comment about the house arrest, but I do.

House arrest is like a slap on the wrist for celebrities. They live in the lap of luxury. What kind of punishment is that? Surrounded with all their prize possessions, eating the food prepared by their chefs, watching their large screen televisions with surround sound stereo systems, sleeping in king sized beds with deluxe mattresses, ordering their maids around, swimming in their in ground pools, and having their friends over. I would trade places with her in a heart beat and I would bet you would too. Punish me! Punish me! I would love to spend four months in Lindsay Lohan’s house! How is she ever going to learn anything when she keeps getting away with everything she does? There is a double standard in our justice system that sends the message that celebrities are above the law. Unfortunately, these cases get a lot of media attention so that young people are getting the wrong message.

Lindsay is also very lucky. I thought she would never work again because she is so unreliable an irresponsible and movies are very expensive to make and delays cost money. But, no I was wrong again. I was shocked to see she was being considered for a role in the new John Gotti, Jr, movie starring John Travolta. All I could do was shake my head. With all the actresses out there, why did they pick Lindsay? Does anyone know the answer? I don’t even find her to be a good actress. I guess this is one of the mysteries of life.

I’m sure she won’t be “punished” the entire four months either. I just want to see what they are going to do if she breaks the law again or if, as she told the court, she has learned her lesson and plans to act responsibly in the future. I’m a skeptic, so I am thinking there will be another incident before long. Stayed tuned.

Lindsay's Crime Timeline: http://www.wwtdd.com/2011/05/the-lindsay-lohan-crime-spree-legal-timeline/

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty McCreery Wins American Idol!

This was another very close finale between two equally talented contestants. Scotty just 17 years old and Lauren Alaina only 16 years old. Both country singers, both with wonderful smiles and personalities, both destined to become country stars after American Idol is over. But, at the end of the night, Scotty won! He is our official 10th American Idol, and I wish him the very best!

American Idol not only manages to pick the greatest singers, but these young people always seem to be so nice! I think that’s why it gets so emotional for me as I get attached to them week after week. I look at them all so talented, so hopeful, so sweet and I want them all to have a chance to fulfill their dreams. It is the main reason I have never gotten tired of this show and will watch till the end of time, even if my favorite doesn’t win or gets booted off early, like Pia did. All of them are being given the chance of a lifetime and somebody’s favorite is going to win!

I do not understand why people find it necessary to bash other contestants when theirs gets eliminated or doesn’t win. It has nothing to do with the other singers. The judges critique and the viewers vote. It’s anyone’s guess who will be going home, but the ones who remain are not at fault. I can understand that we all prefer different genres of music and different singing styles. If a contestant is off key, that is a legitimate complaint. But it’s ridiculous to criticize someone because you don’t like the genre of music they sing, especially when they are doing an awesome job week after week.

Okay, now back to the finale! Tuesday night it was announced that Lauren suffered a vocal cord injury. It may have been a bit much to bring the doctor out, but it may have been done so we would understand why her voice wasn’t up to it’s usual standards or if something were to happen during one of her songs. I actually heard a slight strain in her voice and a little hoarseness, bit overall she did a fine job and the judges practically crowned her at the end of the night. Her last song, Like My Mother Does was amazing and I hope they let her make a cd as soon as possible. The link to the studio version is below.

Scotty also outdid himself Tuesday night. He is cute, he is funny, and he has one of the best male country voices I have heard in a long time. Nashville is just waiting to roll out the red carpet for him. I see a very long and successful future for this young man. His new cd will be “Love You This Big” (link below) which should be released any day, since it is already recorded and set to go.

The night of the finale both contestants sang duets with two of country’s hottest singers. Scotty sang with Tim McGraw. They sang “Live Like You Were Dying,” and it was amazing! Later in the show Lauren sang a duet with Carrie, “Before He Cheats.” Carrie has sung that song only God knows how many times and yet, Lauren held her own in the duet. I think there were some moments when I could not tell who was singing had I had my eyes closed. I was very proud of lauren for being able to pull that off. It just confirmed for me that she deserved to be standing there at the end and that she has tremendous potential still to be developed. There is no telling how far both of these young singers can go. They have never had vocal or professional training or experience. All they have is natural talent, just like Carrie, when she won. Carrie grew as an artist by leaps and bounds into a superstar. These two Idols have it in them to make it big and they are well on their way.

I was at peace going into the finale and I am happy with the results! America got it right!

Scotty: "Love You This Big" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsyzHt88wA0&feature=youtu.be

Lauren: "Like My Mother Does" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxN53vDP6Kc

Lauren AND Carrie http://neonlimelight.com/2011/05/25/video-carrie-underwood-and-lauren-alaina-duet-to-before-he-cheats-on-american-idol-finale/

Scotty and Tim: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unlsrFkyAv8

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jail Mail

I was watching an episode of VH1’s Mob Wives last night and boy was it their best episode, especially if you enjoy a good “cat fight!” Lots of hair pulling, down on the floor scrambling around that kept my attention. Aside from that, there was the usual: friends gossiping behind each other’s back that inevitably leads to drama, conflict, name calling and fisticuffs. However, in last night’s episode, one of the housewives, Renee Graziano, plugs her new business enterprise called Jail Mail Inc.

Apparently, Renee has visited many a prison and written many letters to inmates. She has decided to pursue this as a business venture by creating a website called Jail Mail Inc., with the slogan “we’re not incorporated, we’re incarcerated.” Catchy? This website is for those who know people in prison and want to send then an e-card every month. If you subscribe and purchase a 12 month package, the prisoner of your choice will be sent various e-cards, for holidays and birthdays etc., automatically on a monthly basis. She even saw a web designer about this and told him how she wants it to look. Black background with “prisoners” popping out when they hear the words “mail call.”

Personally, I would have never come up with this idea in a million years. I’m surprised Hallmark hasn’t. They could have had a section of cards for prisoners long ago. It’s been an overlooked population who are characterized as looking forward to mail because they want to feel people still think about them and care about them while they are away. Now Renee has corner the market on this idea! And she even has a popular television show to promote her new enterprise.

What I am trying to envision is how prisons supply access to computers to prisoners and WHY? Aren’t they there to be punished for crimes? Or is it a mini vacation where you watch television, go online, listen to music, workout and read? On Mob Wives, the incarcerated husbands seem to be able to make phone calls to their wives any time they choose and more than once a day. They are even allowed to receive packages with snacks and pictures. This does not fit the image I have in my head of what jail is supposed to be like. Now, thanks to Renee, they can get e-cards filled with good wishes, love and kisses.

Some days, you wake up and you think you’ve seen and heard everything, and then, you learn you haven’t.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

No Rapture…

Well a man named Harold Camping predicted the world would end yesterday, May 21, 2011, but it didn’t. I don’t think many believed it would, but they say nothing is impossible. So, for all we know, the world might have ended as a coincidence with Harold’s prediction. Everyone was talking about it or thinking about it. What if it was our last day?

I made a few jokes myself. My cousin said she was cleaning, and asked if she should continue. I told her to stop cleaning and make a big dinner so she doesn’t go on an empty stomach. That sounded like good advice to me, so I took it. Many people were jokingly saying good bye, just in case. Apparently, it was supposed to come at 6 PM everyone’s time…so it would happen gradually across the globe, at 6 PM their time. Only 6 PM came and went and everyone was still here. We were getting word from Australians in the morning that they made through rapture time and were still cooking shrimp on the barbie. One man tweeted it hadn’t interrupted his fish and chips and glass of stout.

Now you know if Rapture was for real it would have been all over Facebook statuses everywhere. But there were no warnings on Facebook. All we had was Harold’s word for it and he had been wrong in the past. He made the same prediction in 1994, and nothing happened. We not only lived through 1994, but Y2K too.

But, even though we are all still here and didn’t really think it would happen, it gave us pause to think what would we do if it were the last day. We do take a lot for granted. Tomorrow isn’t promised to us, Harold or no Harold. So maybe we can make all this foolishness count for something if we do a little attitude adjustment and tweak what we do and say.

If it was my last day, I would want to say “I love you” to all my family and friends. I’d want to spend my last moments with my husband and girls. I’d want to be at peace with the way I have lived my life, knowing that I have treated everyone the way I would want to be treated. To know I have been a good mother to my girls and a good friend to those who I care about. To feel like I did the best I could with the hand I was dealt in life. To meditate and pray. To believe I left this world a better place for having been there.

That’s a tall order, maybe I’d better start preparing for the next Rapture?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

American Idol’s Finale Is Next Week!

I watched all of season ten and now it’s almost over. We are down to the finale, the final two singers, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. Both surprisingly country singers and both very talented. Gone are the two considered the “favorites” in the beginning, Pia Toscano and James Durbin. I think a lot of people were expecting them to make it to the end. Pia got eliminated too early in the competition. That was upsetting. James made it until last week and left in the fourth position. Even that was shocking. James always had an original way of making all the songs his own and he had natural talent. But, you never know how the votes will go.

Haley was up there with two country singers this week. The final three got 95 million votes. When I heard that number I immediately thought “Uh oh, that means anything could happen tonight. Even with two country singers having to split the country vote, and the judges very high praise of her performances, Haley was eliminated. That was a surprising moment too.

Season 10 had so many talented singers, it was hard to predict who would make it till the end. Only one person can win it all. I braced myself early on for the many disappointments to come. And come they did. The biggest one was the elimination of Pia. I wish she had performed some contemporary songs, maybe that would have changed the outcome. But, I’m not worried about Pia. I think she is already working on her future plans in the music business. She keeps flying out to LA to perform or have meetings. I am sure she has a contract in the works. I think James will be snatched up too. He can sing any song and has never disappointed. Haley and Casey have their own distinct styles. They had a lot of fans. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear they had been signed up by a record company any day.

That leaves Scotty and Lauren! I am not disappointed. This may be the first real “fair” fight at the end. Two country singers battling it out for the title of American Idol. It’s a fair fight. Same genre, same fan base, so who will win it all? Country fans are very loyal and supportive. They buy cds. They go to concerts. They love their artists. Scotty and Lauren are both headed to Nashville when all is said and done. Scotty has a voice that can match the best of male country legends, like Johnny Cash. Lauren is only 16. She has not even begun to reach her full potential. She is 5 years younger than Carrie was when she won Idol. Carrie grew tremendously once she was on her own. I expect that Lauren will too. Who ever wins next week, they are both winners in my book.

Let the games begin!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Botox Mom!

Just when you think you have heard everything, you hear something that makes you drop your jaw! Botox Mom did that for me. In case you haven’t heard the story, a woman named Sheena Upton, going by the name Kerry Campbell, has been dubbed the “Botox Mom” because she has been giving her eight year old daughter botox injections. She buys the botox online from a “reliable source” and does this to give her daughter, Britney, an advantage at beauty pageants. She claims that she uses it herself and that her daughter asked for it. Did this get your attention? Well it got the attention of CPS too, and I would have been shocked had it not.

Never mind that botox is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18, or that fact that no eight year old is in need of cosmetic enhancements. What about the psychological damage to the child who may think she is not naturally pretty enough and it lowers her self esteem? In this warped woman’s mind, her daughter needed botox to help her win pageants. That is all the justification she needs to shoot this unnatural substance into her daughter’s face.

What are the issues CPS is currently investigating? They want to know where the botox is coming from, if her mother is “licensed” to give it to her daughter, and whether or not she consulted Britney’s pediatrician first. And, apparently, this is not the only time she has used cosmetic procedures on her daughter; she has also waxed her legs and bikini line. Here is a quote from the mother:

"I know one day she will be a model, actress or singer and having these treatments now will ensure she stays looking younger and baby-faced for longer," she insisted.

Unbelievable! Now the update…

Sheena now says the whole story was scripted. She never even heard of botox. The photos taken of her injecting botox were staged. It was just a syringe without a needle. It was all done in a nail salon waxing room and she was told it was going to be presented as a “mother-daughter” day at the spa. She did the stunt for money ($200) and “Good Morning America,” who ran with the story, didn’t do their fact-checking. Her confession or explanation can be seen on the video in the following link:


Well, now I feel better! I don’t know what this world is coming to, but it ain’t good!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Just last week we heard about the split between Arnold and Maria, after 25 years of marriage, and now we know why. It’s an old story with new faces this week. In a long list of politicians who cheat on their wives, some producing offspring, Arnold now joins this notorious crew. Am I surprised? No. Who would be surprised?

It seems to me that Thomas Jefferson, one of our esteemed forefathers, also was credited with sleeping with household “staff” and fathering children. Who hasn’t heard of Sally Hemings, the slave, of Jefferson?

Nowadays, it seems rare the politician who hasn’t cheated on his wife. And Arnold, over a decade later, admits to fathering a child with a woman who worked for the family over 20 years, joins this illustrious list of despicable men. It’s almost come to be expected that every couple of months or so we will have another member of the political world come out in a press conference and admit to a scandal for which he is truly sorry. Sorry to the wife who stood by them through their grueling campaigns. Sorry to the children who has to school and face the embarrassment that everyone is talking about their father and their family. Sorry to the people who put their faith and trust in them by voting them into office. But after all the apologies are said and done, are they really mostly sorry they got caught? Are they sorry they ruined or tarnished their reputation? Do they mainly care because it may have ended their careers in public office?

None of them were thinking about their wives and children when they made the decision to enter into these affairs. In fact, they were able to cover their tracks and look right into their eyes, lying by omission, each and every day they cheated.

But Arnold seems to have hit an all time low. Fathering a child over ten years ago? Maybe in the family home? Keeping it a secret until he left office. That’s a long time to be deceitful to your wife and children. I guess more details will emerge in time. The media will not let this go. But as for me, and maybe Maria too, I have heard enough.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Trip To Sicily…

My mother went to Sicily to marry her first cousin, my father, in 1952. The marriage was arranged by her mother and his father, who were brother and sister. My father came back to the United States after the paperwork was completed in 1953. He made very few trips back to see his family. His parents and brothers and sisters had never met my brother and I. They were getting old. It was decided that “we” would all take a trip to see them in the summer of 1965.

My mother was a busy bee before the trip. She had to get us our passports and make sure we had our vaccines. She got us new clothes. All the preparations were made to coincide with the end of the school year. The big day arrived. We were all packed and ready to go to the airport. I was under the impression “we” were all going. Somehow I was led to believe this. However, when it was time to board the plane, my mother kissed us goodbye and sent us with our father. She wasn’t going with us. She was sending us away for two months to a strange land to see people we didn’t know. My brother didn’t even speak Italian, at least I had that going for me.

I can’t tell you how I felt. Whether it was like the rug was pulled out from under me or like I was punched in the gut or both. I was scared and in a state of disbelief. I got on the plane and I cried all the way to Italy. We had to take a second plane to get to Sicily. When we arrived it seemed like twenty people were there to greet us. All wanting to hug and kiss us, which was the LAST thing I wanted. I was tired and an emotional wreck. They were talking to us, but we weren’t answering. My brother because he didn’t understand and me because I didn’t want to. I just translated everything for my brother to understand.

The ride back to their city was at least two hours. I was miserable. I couldn’t believe that my mother pulled this “trick” on us. She was always the one who told us we should always tell the truth. Maybe she didn’t out right lie, but she damn sure lied by omission.

I hated the food there. I lost a lot of weight. But over time I adapted and got used to my family, played with my cousins and it was as awful as I imagined.

One day, we were out in my uncle’s car. My uncle had just gotten his license before we arrived. He made a mistake and stepped on the gas instead of the brake. The car spun out of control and rolled over into a ditch. My brother and I were sitting face to face it the back of the hatchback car. All the glass flew outside the car and we were all fine, just banged up. The adults all hurt their shoulders and my aunt broke her arm. It could have been much worse.

My father warned us not to write to my mother about the accident because she would only worry. I missed my mom, I wasn’t used to keeping anything from her, but I didn’t want her to get worried sick over us either. We kept the secret until we got home. I had forgiven her for sending us away and I couldn’t wait to get back. The two months seemed to take forever. I spent my 11th birthday there and soon it was the end of August and time to go home.

My mother was there to greet us at the airport. There were lots of hugs and kisses.  She noticed my weight loss and was upset to hear about the car accident. I think I was her shadow every day until school started. She never apologized for sending us without her or telling us she wasn’t going. Even after the fact she offered no explanation. To this day I still don’t know why she did that. It was very traumatic. But that was my mother.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Removal Of My Tonsils...

I was four years old and the doctor decided my tonsils should be removed. I guess my mother agreed and thought it best to do it before I was school age. Whatever the case, she devised a clever little ruse to get me to the hospital.

One day she explains to me that the kids at the hospital have no one to play with and we are going to take a trip there so I can play with them. The big day arrives and off we go. I get the creeps right away. The hospital is big, full of people, and I don’t like the whole idea of being there. The next thing I know, some nurses are putting me in some gown. I start complaining immediately to my mother standing right there. She explains that I need to wear pajamas so the other kids won’t feel bad, because that’s what they are wearing. So I settle down and change into the gown.

Well, before I could ask where are the kids, they put me on a table and start wheeling me away and my mother wasn’t following. I was scared to death. I am laying there asking for my mother and the doctors and nurses all wearing masks are looking down on me. That big light shining over my head. Then they put a mask over my face and tell me to count. I swear I was out cold in seconds.

When I wake up, I look around and see a room full of adults laying in beds. All probably there in recovery from their operations. I had a sore throat, but it didn’t phase me. I started saying, “I want my mommy,” over and over again. The nurse told me to take a nap. I was very smart, even at four, and I told her I already took a nap and I want my mommy. Then I hear someone in a nearby bed saying “Polly want a cracker.” I thought I was in a nuthouse. I got anxious and started demanding my mother. Of course, they were afraid I would hemorrhage if I kept asking for my mother, especially when I told them I would scream if they didn’t get her for me. Before you knew it she was there in the room. I was pretty glad to see her, even though she tricked me. I was supposed to have stayed overnight, but my mother got permission to take me home.

It was like Christmas when I got home! So many presents to open. I loved the little ironing board and iron. I think I got a tea set, a doll carriage and a baby doll too. I forgot all about my mother’s lies and deceit as I played for ten days with all my new toys.

I was also told I could have all the ice cream I wanted. Every time I asked for ice cream, my father would try to warm it up first! I asked for lemon ice, and my mother said she would have to ask the doctor about that. I never wanted to eat steak before the operation, but when I came home I demanded steak, which I was not supposed to have, so my throat could heal. Now what decent Italian mother is going to refuse to feed her four year old steak? Not mine. So I ate a nice big piece! At the end of ten days I went to be checked by the doctor, who gave me a clean bill of health. I asked him if I could have lemon ice and he said sure, you can have all you want.

I think getting my tonsils out was worth it and you would think I would have learned not to trust my mother ever again. But I didn’t and a few years later she pulled another stunt. If I remember I will blog about that one tomorrow.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Father’s Garden…

My father was a laborer in construction. He worked very hard, in all kinds of weather and even when he was sick and should have stayed home. He would get up at 5:30 every morning, have breakfast and go to work. After dinner he did the dishes because my mother had cooked, then he went to watch his westerns on television. He slept through most of the programs before dragging himself to bed at 9 pm.

But, tired as he was, every spring he would plant his garden. As soon as the weather started warming up in April, he would turn over all the soil to loosen it up. They he would rake over it all and even it out. He would buy fertilizer and mix it in the soil. By the end of April and early May he was ready to plant. He made rows where the plant would go, and in between the rows a he piled the soil to separate them. He left the end of each row open so it would continue into the next where the other plants would go. This was his irrigation system. This way, when he placed the hose at the beginning of the first row, the water would travel around into all the succeeding rows, while he was busy weeding and hoeing.

My father went out and bought various plants for his garden, seedling really. He got tomato plants, green peppers, egg plant, cucumbers, and long green squash. He really had a green thumb because all his plants thrived year after year. Every night, after dinner, he would go out and water his plants and weed the garden. Soon vegetables were growing off every vine and plant out there. He was very proud of his work. He grew much too much for us to eat. Every day he was busy packing up vegetables to give away to family and neighbors. It was really amazing the amount of vegetables he would produce from that little yard.

My father was raised in Sicily. His father had a real farm. My father was the youngest male of six children. He spent many years working my grandfather’s farm before coming here to the United States to live in the biggest city in the world. I guess my mother took the man out of the country, but she never took the country out of the man.

Because he worked with his hands most of his life, first with farming and then construction, my father had the biggest hands I have ever seen on a man. He was so strong and often amazed me with what he could do with his strength. But even more amazing was how gentle and loving his hands could be when he picked me up and carried me.

Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Friday the 13th

I never worry about Friday the 13th. I don’t seem to have any bad luck on those days (knocking on wood), but a couple of times something very good happened. Once, many years ago when I was a huge fan of “Bewitched,” I sent away for an autographed picture of Elizabeth Montgomery. You guessed it, it arrived on a Friday the 13th, long after I lost all hope of ever getting one. I was ecstatic about it and never forgot it. After that I considered Friday the 13th my lucky day.

Many years later, in my mid twenties, I was planning to go out to a local bar and restaurant one Friday night, by myself. It was also a Friday the 13th and I thought I might meet someone. Luck was on my side. However, at it got later, maybe closer to nine, I started to talk myself out of going. It’s no fun to go out alone. As I was about to call it a night and change into my pajamas, my brother offered to go with me. I guess he felt bad I was wasting my lucky night. So I drove us over, we went in, but we didn’t stick together. He wandered on his own and I parked myself at the bar. That was the night I met the man who would become my husband three years later. My brother left after he saw I was ok and having a conversation. At the end of the night, this nice quiet guy asked for my number, and the rest is history.

But, this morning it got me to thinking, why is Friday the 13th considered unlucky.
I found all kinds of theories, folklore, reasons, associations. Too many to count, too many to write about. The number 13 is considered unlucky and Friday is considered an unlucky day, put them both together and we are doomed.

I think it has to do more with what a person believes. If you think it’s an unlucky day, then you will probably subconsciously create “bad” luck for yourself or perceive things that happen as being unlucky. Let’s face it, if you are looking for or expecting bad things they will happen. I look at it as a “good luck” day and I never worry about what will happen.

Then I try to get on the blog today and guess what? The Blog is down! Now is it a coincidence or does Friday the 13th have something to do with it? Two of my previous blogs are still missing. I guess I’ll wait and see what the rest of the day brings before rushing to judgment

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My First Dog, Caesar!

How I got my first dog is a cute little story. I imagine I was like most kids growing up, I always wanted a puppy to love and play with. We lived in a four room apartment on the second floor. It was pretty tight quarters for four people, but it was all we had ever known, so we didn’t mind it. I took every opportunity to ask my mother for a dog, I asked for one at every upcoming birthday and put it on every Christmas list. Every request was answered with the same “no.”

Instead of a dog, we had chicks that did not survive, we had turtles that did not survive, we had goldfish that did not survive, and even had canaries that lived two years before they died. The canaries were traumatic for me. Uncovering the cage, and finding them at the bottom one Sunday morning, compelled me to let out a blood curdling scream that almost made my father cut himself shaving. My parents thought I was ridiculous to scream like that, plus I nearly gave them both heart attacks. But, I had a deep rooted fear of dead animals and couldn’t help myself. We also had a rabbit named Yoyo for a few months. My father built a cage for him in the yard, but he kept escaping and we would get phone calls at 5 am from neighbors, saying he was eating their plants. My mother got fed up, so one day, when I went to my cousins for a couple of weeks one summer, she took Yoyo to the butcher and sold him. My brother told me about it over the phone.

Once I even found a kitten in the yard and asked if I could keep it as a pet. I got food and kitty litter. That lasted two weeks. The smell from the litter box in the bathroom was making my mother sick and she ranted about it every day. She told me I needed to get rid of the cat, period end of story. I knew a friend at school who had many cats at her house, so naturally I asked her first, and she took him in.

The summer of my 16th birthday was coming up. I didn’t want a party, I really had no friends to speak of except in school, and those were a handful. So, I asked my mother, instead of a party can I have a puppy? She answered, “No.” I asked several times. It had gotten to be a game almost. I followed all my requests with “Please” and “Pretty please” and on and on it went. Until one day, I was out in the yard, of our six family house, with my cousins. My mother came to the window and I looked up and asked again, “Mom, can I please get a puppy for my birthday?” Before she could answer, my cousin Paul says, “In your dreams Nina.” Well my mother’s whole facial expression changed that second. She didn’t like him saying I would never get a dog. It really pissed her off. “Who the hell was he?“ she kept saying. The next day, a Wednesday, she decided to take me to Manhattan, to a large pet store, to look at pedigrees. We were looking for a Chihuahua, because they were tiny enough for our apartment. But, then a little toy fox terrier caught my eye. He looked just like a Chihuahua, but he had no tail. He was adorable. My mother asked a bunch of questions about the dogs. Now that I think of it, she probably needed to know how much they charged for dogs so she could bring the money. We went home that day to think about it. She said we would come back Saturday and if the little fox terrier was still there we could buy him.

I couldn’t wait for Saturday to come. I still didn’t believe this was all happening and that it was because my cousin, Paul, made that stupid remark!

Sure enough, Saturday morning, my mother and I headed back to the city to buy a puppy. The little fox terrier was still there. It took no time to purchase him and we got back on the train, with the puppy in the box, and headed home. The second we got into the hallway, my mother said, “put down the box.” She opened it, scooped up the puppy and knocked on my aunt’s door. In she walked with her loud, outside voice, “Look at my baby!” She made sure Paul got the first look at “her” new puppy. Then we took him upstairs to our apartment.

I named him Caesar. I had had an English teacher I loved in 10th grade and we read Julius Caeser in that class. I wanted to remember her for years to come, so I named my puppy after the play we read that year. Now Caesar would not eat dog food and he had the runs. My mother called the store. They told her to feed him rice with boiled chop meat. Caesar never was exposed to dog food again. He ate whatever we ate, and he loved it. He became my mother’s “baby” and followed her everywhere. She called him “Caesar Doll” and he would always sleep with his head on her foot, as his pillow. If she sat on the couch to watch television, he would lay along side her thigh. He was a very good, well behaved, sweetie little dog, and he loved my mother.

Thanks Paul! I know you won’t read this, but I owe Caesar all to you!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I started blogging as a joke after watching the movie, Julie and Julia, last year. If you didn’t see the movie, it’s about a woman named Julie who isn’t getting the job of her dreams so she decides to start a blog. Not any old blog, but a blog about cooking her way through Julia’s Child’s cookbook. I thought to myself, hey I like to write, why don’t I start a blog and get discovered too. Of course, I have been discovered by a select few people by now, but Hollywood isn’t knocking at my door.

The most important thing is that I enjoy writing and this gives me an outlet to say whatever I want about anything I want. Sometimes I share personal stories, on special dates or points in time, if certain people are on my mind. Sometimes I’ll comment about what is in the news or on television. Very often I will complain about the daily trial and tribulations I experience in life. Somehow it makes me feel better to vent here and then go about my business. Then there are times I will share some wisdom or life lessons that might help someone else. I find blogging very therapeutic.

I am wondering why more people don’t blog. Many of my friends are intelligent and write very well. They have important things to say, but no one is benefiting from their wisdom. I’ve learned a lot from my friends, even when we don’t agree on a topic. It broadens my thinking having different perspectives to consider that never crossed my mind before. I should send out blogging invitations to those I think would have a lot to contribute to the world wide web and its readers.

Even if you don’t like to blog about life or personal experiences, I know many of you have a lot to say about the things you are passionate about. Maybe it’s your family, maybe it’s politics, maybe it’s a hobby, maybe it’s a new chapter in your life that you are starting and want to document. I didn’t put a lot of thought into this when I started, but it’s turning out to be a very interesting journey.

If you haven’t considered blogging before, maybe you should. It’s not for everyone, but it’s cheaper than a therapist. Many times women feel no one is listening when they talk…well this may just be the answer to that problem. I often get feedback about what I write and I know at least one person is always reading what I have to say on a daily basis. It’s something to think about and I think it will enrich your life.

Let’s give’em something to talk about!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I’ll say it today because I don’t know how many mother’s will be online tomorrow or for how long. Some of us will be eating out at restaurants if our loved ones made reservations early enough. Others will be invited to eat with family. The rest of us have to cook, as usual, and clean, because our loved ones will be coming to eat and spend the day with us. How nice! I fall into the third category.

I just got done putting up a big pot of a sauce with meatballs. I took a shower and I will be doing a little straightening and cleaning after that. Frankly, I could do without Mother’s Day. When the kids were little, we went over to my mother’s house to visit and eat. They would bring home little gifts and cards they made in school. It was really a celebration.

I remember my first Mother’s Day. My older daughter was just three weeks old. I was so happy because I felt like I waited my whole life to have her, and really I did. I can remember being five years old and thinking, when I grow up I want to be a mother. And, God blessed with me with two beautiful, intelligent, loving, compassionate daughters. They never gave me any trouble really, but they did give me joy and happiness beyond measure.

If someone asked them what kind of mother I was there are a lot of things they might say about me, if you catch them on a bad day. Maybe I smothered them too much. Maybe I was too involved in what was going on in school. Maybe I was too helpful at times, too cautious, too nervous, too critical, too nosy, too overprotective, too domineering, too controlling…..the list goes on and on I’m sure. But, all in all they survived all that, and turned out pretty well.

If you catch them on a good day they might say, my mother loved us more than life itself. She took care of us when we were sick and she knew we were coming down with colds the day before we showed any symptoms. She made every holiday a big celebration, even the ones we didn’t celebrate like Kwanza, Hanukah, and Three Kings Day. They might tell you we always got everything we asked for for our birthdays and Christmas and then some. We never had to take a school bus, she drove us there and picked us up every day. She baked our favorites desserts and cooked our favorite meals, even though she would be content and satisfied to eat a hard boiled egg. She argued with us to wear boots in the snow, to wear hats on our heads, and not to walk barefooted. She tucked us in at night and read us stories. She made sure we took our vitamins, got all our shots, and ate three meals a day. She helped us with homework, studying for tests, writing papers. She encouraged us and supported us and always had good advice, though we would never admit to that. They might even tell you how many times I made them laugh till they cried, intentionally and unintentionally. The list goes on and on, depending what they remember.

I might not have been the best mother in the world, but I am the best mother I know how to be. I live for my girls and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. Good mother’s everywhere feel that way about their children, it’s nothing special. I came across this quote recently and it is a short and sweet way to sum up what I am trying to say: “A mother is someone who, seeing that there are only 4 pieces of pie for 5 people, promptly declares that she never did care much for pie.”

A mother’s love is selfless and unconditional. In my way of thinking, it’s the purest kind of love. A mother is the one person a child can always turn to, who will understand and love them through life’s problems, no matter what. It’s too bad that we sometimes don’t realize a mother’s worth until it’s too late to show her what she means to us. Don’t let it be too late.

Here’s wishing you the Happiest of Mother’s Days and hoping you get a piece of pie.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Why is Fish So Expensive?

This has been bugging me for a long time. Why is fish more expensive than other proteins, like steak or veal. I have been buying flounder and shrimp for $14 a pound, which is $3 per pound above the cost of my rib eye steaks. Well, I had to snoop around online and satisfy my curiosity. I was happy to find there are reasons for the higher cost.

Apparently, fish still has to be hunted. Fishermen have to go out to sea and catch the fish. They can’t be grown on farms, like domestic animals, specifically for consumption. Different types of fish come from various places around the world. It cannot be stored for long periods of time, it has to be transported quickly and kept cold. If not properly transported it can and will spoil easily.

Basically, that’s the bottom line. It takes a lot more to catch fish and transport it to markets and buyers from many different locations. So while the ocean is full of fish and you may live near the Ocean, you aren’t going to get any breaks in the price of the fish. You always hear how fish is good for you, it great for diets and has no cholesterol, and some fish has that Omega-3 oil that is great for you.

The only problem is, to eat fish on a regular basis, you have to be rich, or go buy yourself a fishing pole and GO FISH!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Should We Release Osama's Picture?

A big debate and a lot of consideration is being given as to whether or not the government should release photos of Osama bin Laden. It has been reported that the government has three sets of pictures, taken at various times during the operation. The one picture that is recognizable of Osama, is extremely graphic, taken after he was shot. The decision whether or not to make the photo available probably hinges on considering the consequences of that action. While most Americans, a reported 59%, want to see the photo, there is concern that releasing it to the public will enrage Muslim extremists and al Qaida members and further incite them into taking terrorist action to avenge his death.

Would I like to see the picture? Yes, I would. Do I think seeing it is worth risking throwing “fuel” on an already raging fire? No, I don’t. I believe the government has taken every precaution to gather identifying information, such as photos and DNA that has been already been tested and is a match at 99.9%. That is enough for me. I think showing the photo will do more harm than good and enough harm has already occurred thanks to that evil man.

The way our country handles things from this moment on may affect us and we have a lot to do in the aftermath of Osama's death. We need to investigate Pakistan’s role in all this and whether they knew Osama was there all along. There was a lot of information gathered during the operation that needs to be scrutinized by our intelligence about al-Qaida’s future terrorist plans.

I would like to see us move on now. Justice has been served. The President will be at Ground Zero on Thursday, with the families if the victims of 911. I hope his words bring them all some measure of comfort and peace. This has been a cloud over all our heads for over 10 years. And now it’s over, finally over.

God Bless President Obama, the Navy Seals, US intelligence personnel, our heroic military men and women, for their tireless efforts and determination in closing this chapter in our nation’s history.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Judge Judy Renewed Till 2015!

Judge Judy is the best! She makes the most sense of anyone I have heard speak. No matter what the topic, she is right on point. I have loved watching her for many years, 15 to be exact! She has 10 million adoring fans tuning in every day to hear her tell people off without mincing words. During to 2009-2010 season, she was the first day time show to get more viewers than Oprah, whose show was reportedly watched by 6.6 million people.

Judge Judy is 68 years young and has been on the air since 1996. When she was approached about doing the show, she had a lot to consider. She worked long and hard to be appointed a judge and she was taking a huge risk giving that up for television, which is not a secure job. However, she decided to take a chance after discussing it with her husband. I’m sure she is very happy with her decision, as she is now earning 45 million per year for her program.

I watched a live, online interview between Judge Judy and Marlo Thomas yesterday. Some very interesting facts came out from answers to viewer questions. For example, Judge Judy explained that if there is a transfer of property, from one person to another, such as title to a car or items from a house, that has to be executed according to her ruling. If she dismisses a case, then they cannot pursue it in another court. However, if money is involved in the settlement, then the network pays the winner of the lawsuit what is owed them. So, it now makes sense why people would risk being made total fools of in front of 10 million people, because even if they lose they do not have to pay.

What I love most about Judge Judy is her down to earth, no nonsense attitude about everything. She calls it exactly as she sees it and her intuition is flawless. When she was asked yesterday, what is the one thing she wants viewers to take away from her show or learn, she answered in a heartbeat, “responsibility.” That’s what it’s all about really. Accepting responsibility for your words and actions. Judge Judy is brilliant, insightful, funny, ethical, loud, and just an utter delight to watch. In some ways she reminds me a lot of my mother, who was also smart, loud, and harshly critical to the point of making you laugh. Judge Judy says what we are thinking or wish we could say if we were there. I wish I could be her understudy!

Judge Judy has a long list of quotes, and when you hear one you cannot help but think of her. Some of my favorites are: “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining,” “does it look like I have stupid tattooed on my forehead?,” “on my worst day I’m smarter than you on your best day,” “if it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true,” “ummmm is not an answer!,” “beauty fades, dumb is forever” and the list goes on and on.

I love Judge Judy…”and I’m not just making it up as I go along!”

Bonus for fans!  Here is her soundboard where you can play around and hear her quotes all day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Is Dead...

Osama was found at long last, after almost eleven years of searching. I just learned that Pakistan has been apparently lying to us all these years about his whereabouts. They built him a custom-made hideout in Abbotabadd, a rich area surrounded by military personnel and heavily secured. A million dollar home with no telephones or internet. It was located just 100 yards from a Pakistan military academy. Now, we just have to wait to see what in the world Pakistan is going to say about what we have learned.

President Obama promised that he would pursue Osama until he was found and killed. He delivered on his campaign promise. This is quite a coup. However, from reading the Republican point of view, he is not going to get one ounce of credit, as Commander and Chief of our Military forces, for this accomplishment. He will never get credit in their eyes for anything, this in particular.

I had to think about this. I’m sure if McCain was President right now there would be jubilant celebration on the part of Republicans for his being able to accomplish this historic feat. His remarkable leadership would be applauded to no end. However, McCain is not President, Obama is. It was on his watch and during his military leadership, that Osama, number one enemy of this country, was found and killed. No credit for Obama from Republicans, who are avoiding even the mere association of Obama with this act of justice and retribution for our citizens and our country. Instead, they praise the men and women who were actually there to physically execute this operation.

I also praise the military, the intelligence and all those involved in Osama’s capture and death. They deserve credit and praise. No one disputes that. But Obama does deserve credit. Why isn’t he getting any from Republicans? Because this victory, a long time coming, is not going to be forgotten for a very long time. And, guess what, there is a presidential election coming up in a year and a half, in November 2012 to be exact. How will they find someone to run against a President who not only vowed to captured and kill Osama bin Laden, but actually accomplished this during his first two and a half years in office? To praise Obama might even raise him to “hero” status. We cannot have that so close to an election. To add insult to injury, I have even heard that Republicans are trying to credit Bush, before giving any credit to President Obama. President Obama, who was only involved in this operation every step and decision along the way, will not get any acknowledgement from conservatives.

Well, I think the victims’ families of 911 will rest better now. I hope they will have peace of mind knowing Osama has been killed. I will be curious to see who they credit with this mission. I am just one New Yorker who knows I will be sleeping better tonight thanks to President Obama.
And, don’t be surprised at the end of the day, if everyone except President Obama gets credit for the success of this operation. I think Republicans will even get around to crediting the royal couple, Will and Kate. It was, afterall, their wedding, which created the overwhelming, international distraction necessary to bring the operation to its successful completion.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day...

May 1st is a holiday in many countries of the world. I only learned of this because of my studies in French. In France it’s almost equivalent to our Valentine’s Day. It is also similar to our Labor day. It is called La Fête du Muguet (The holiday of the Lily of the Valley) and La Fête du Travail (The holiday of Work).

 This history behind La Fête du Muguet goes back to May 1, 1561, when King Charles IX was presented with lily of the valley flowers. He like them so much he decided to give lily of the valley flowers to all the women at his court every year on May 1st. Then, around 1900, men in France started giving bouquets, plants or sprigs of lily of the valley flowers to their sweethearts as a token of their affection. Today, is has taken a new meaning in France, as friends and loved ones express their appreciation for one another by giving each other these flowers. Families with children, who live in the country, go out to the woods to pick the flowers in the morning. During the Renaissance, the lily of the valley became a symbol for good luck and is a symbol of springtime. You can find vendors selling these flowers on almost every street corner.

I fell in love with this French tradition. I would have liked to follow here myself, but that didn’t work out. Lily of the Valley flowers are delicate and not often seen here in New York City. I had to look up a picture online to see what they look like. I tried to grow some once, but it wasn’t happening. I didn’t take it personally because I have a “black” thumb and somehow kill every plant I have ever owned, including cactus plants. No plant is safe around me.

Because it is also labor day, all businesses are closed and parades and demonstrations are held to campaign for the rights of workers.

So I pass this little information on to you. Now, whenever May 1st rolls around, you may think of the lily of the valley and the French tradition, as I do every year. And, if you want to try growing some, you may be luckier than I was.

Happy May Day!