Friday, May 27, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Is Sentenced...

And guess what? People Magazine says she is mad! I am mad too. I have waited a long time to see what punishment she was going to get. She has a long arrest record. Her latest problem, for which she is being sentenced, is her jewelry theft of a $2,500 dollar necklace. If you would like to see the impressive timeline of her criminal incidents there will be a link below that begins with October, 2005 up until today. Yes, you read right, 6 years of criminal offenses.

Well, let’s see what her sentence is and then why she is angry over it. For being guilty of stealing the necklace AND violating probation she was taken to a women’s prison yesterday morning and released a few hours later and sent home for house arrest for four months. Not only that, she will have to wear an ankle bracelet for 35 days. Since the police department already have her mug shot and fingerprints already on file, none of those time consuming procedures were necessary. Lindsay is going to foot the bill of the monitoring. The prison term was imposed not for the theft of the jewelry, for which she pleaded no contest, but for violating her 2007 parole. Lindsay Lohan had no comment about the house arrest, but I do.

House arrest is like a slap on the wrist for celebrities. They live in the lap of luxury. What kind of punishment is that? Surrounded with all their prize possessions, eating the food prepared by their chefs, watching their large screen televisions with surround sound stereo systems, sleeping in king sized beds with deluxe mattresses, ordering their maids around, swimming in their in ground pools, and having their friends over. I would trade places with her in a heart beat and I would bet you would too. Punish me! Punish me! I would love to spend four months in Lindsay Lohan’s house! How is she ever going to learn anything when she keeps getting away with everything she does? There is a double standard in our justice system that sends the message that celebrities are above the law. Unfortunately, these cases get a lot of media attention so that young people are getting the wrong message.

Lindsay is also very lucky. I thought she would never work again because she is so unreliable an irresponsible and movies are very expensive to make and delays cost money. But, no I was wrong again. I was shocked to see she was being considered for a role in the new John Gotti, Jr, movie starring John Travolta. All I could do was shake my head. With all the actresses out there, why did they pick Lindsay? Does anyone know the answer? I don’t even find her to be a good actress. I guess this is one of the mysteries of life.

I’m sure she won’t be “punished” the entire four months either. I just want to see what they are going to do if she breaks the law again or if, as she told the court, she has learned her lesson and plans to act responsibly in the future. I’m a skeptic, so I am thinking there will be another incident before long. Stayed tuned.

Lindsay's Crime Timeline:

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