Monday, May 9, 2011


I started blogging as a joke after watching the movie, Julie and Julia, last year. If you didn’t see the movie, it’s about a woman named Julie who isn’t getting the job of her dreams so she decides to start a blog. Not any old blog, but a blog about cooking her way through Julia’s Child’s cookbook. I thought to myself, hey I like to write, why don’t I start a blog and get discovered too. Of course, I have been discovered by a select few people by now, but Hollywood isn’t knocking at my door.

The most important thing is that I enjoy writing and this gives me an outlet to say whatever I want about anything I want. Sometimes I share personal stories, on special dates or points in time, if certain people are on my mind. Sometimes I’ll comment about what is in the news or on television. Very often I will complain about the daily trial and tribulations I experience in life. Somehow it makes me feel better to vent here and then go about my business. Then there are times I will share some wisdom or life lessons that might help someone else. I find blogging very therapeutic.

I am wondering why more people don’t blog. Many of my friends are intelligent and write very well. They have important things to say, but no one is benefiting from their wisdom. I’ve learned a lot from my friends, even when we don’t agree on a topic. It broadens my thinking having different perspectives to consider that never crossed my mind before. I should send out blogging invitations to those I think would have a lot to contribute to the world wide web and its readers.

Even if you don’t like to blog about life or personal experiences, I know many of you have a lot to say about the things you are passionate about. Maybe it’s your family, maybe it’s politics, maybe it’s a hobby, maybe it’s a new chapter in your life that you are starting and want to document. I didn’t put a lot of thought into this when I started, but it’s turning out to be a very interesting journey.

If you haven’t considered blogging before, maybe you should. It’s not for everyone, but it’s cheaper than a therapist. Many times women feel no one is listening when they talk…well this may just be the answer to that problem. I often get feedback about what I write and I know at least one person is always reading what I have to say on a daily basis. It’s something to think about and I think it will enrich your life.

Let’s give’em something to talk about!

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