Friday, December 2, 2011

Secret Santa...

This morning I read an article about a business man who went to Reading Pennsylvania and handed out $20,000 in hundred dollars bills to people there.  He had a police escort and was wearing an elf hat.  The man was moved to do this because he read that Reading was the poorest city and wanted to do something kind for the people there.  The only thing he asked in return was that they do something kind for someone else before Christmas.  He also said that being able to do this gave him more joy than it did to all the people he was able to help.  Finally a nice story in the news!

I can relate to this Secret Santa.  If I won the lottery, I could see myself doing things like this for others.  It takes so little to make a difference.  We are not rich by any means, and have been paying college tuition for the last seven years.  That kind of put a cramp in our budget.  But for the past several years, when my husband asks me what I want for Christmas, I’ll tell him I want to help a friend who is struggling and make sure they have a good Christmas.  I don’t really need or want anything myself.  I am content with what I have and consider myself more than blessed.  But if I see someone I know, who is having a hard time and I can make a difference, I will offer my help.  Some will accept it, some will not.  It’s really a gift I give myself.  Some people understand that, others think I am just trying to be nice.  I never push or insist.  I learned long ago that people have their pride and I shouldn’t insult them with my “helping.”  So I tread lightly, make my offer of a gift and then back away.  I wish I could reach out to a lot of people, but I can’t.  I can only help one or two every Christmas, if they will let me.

In this day and age it is so easy for people to become preoccupied with their own lives.  Even with all the modern conveniences that are supposed to be saving us a ton of time, no one has time to listen and care about what is going on in other people’s lives.  I do.  I care. I listen.  If I could, I would help everyone.  I have friends who are the same way.  They are kind and generous with their time, their money, their feelings even when they cannot afford to be.  I guess likes attract, because I have come across many people, who I am proud to call friends, who do what they can to help a friend in need.  Sometimes we even do it together.  

Maybe it’s time we all followed this man’s example and became a “Secret Santa” or a not so secret Santa and help even one person struggling to have a better Christmas.  That’s what the spirit of Christmas is really about…love.

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