Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Marriage Sham!

According to Kris Humphries, his 72 day marriage to Kim was all a fraud and he wants an annulment while she wants a divorce.  I knew the truth would come out eventually.  Kim and her mother have been denying that the marriage was just a sham to make money and was real in every sense of the word.  However, Kris doesn’t seem to agree.  The couple had a huge wedding which raked in thousands upon thousands of dollars as the ceremony was filmed for E! and pictures were sold.

Why do I care?  I don’t.  But, it got me to thinking and then I got peeved.  The divorce rate in this country is over 50%, one in two couples break up.  We all know this, it’s been common knowledge for a long time.  In Hollywood, among celebrities, the divorce rate has to be much higher.  In fact, I think it’s rare the celebrity couple that stays together these days.  Some of the very old stars managed to pull it off, but today it’s date, sign a pre-nup, get divorced, for the majority.  So much for the sacred vows of marriage.  

You know I am leading up to something here right?  Good.  Now if marriage is treated so lightly and most end up in divorce and some, like Kim Kardashian, use it as a means to get publicity and make money, why is no one outraged?  Yet, if a committed gay couple want to get married and spend the rest of their lives together, they cannot in most places in the United States.  That’s an outrage!  There are so many gay couples, who take marriage seriously, and want to be allowed the privilege of spending their lives together in the sanctity of marriage, honoring their vows, till death do they part.  Why can’t they?  Kim Kardashian can go out and get married every year and then have it annulled and no one will say anything about it.  Do we really take marriage seriously in this society?  If not, then why not let the gay community in on it? What would it hurt?  If we do take it seriously, then why not let the gay community join in, because from what I have seen, heard and read, most are just as serious and committed as any heterosexual couple and have just as much chance of staying together or more.

It makes no sense to me that heterosexual couples can marry as many times as they want, use the marriage for publicity, treat it as a joke and still be allowed the privilege.  Here are a few other examples: Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon 10 weeks, Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas 19 days, Nicholas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley less than 4 months…you get the point.  

Kim is probably laughing over her little stunt and counting all her money.  Marriage means nothing to some people and everything to others.  It’s really a hypocritical society we live in that would deprive a whole community of a privilege that they desperately want, a privilege that others take for granted and abuse.  That’s what I learned from Kim Kardashian’s “marriage.”

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