Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TV GUIDE “Jeers” Nails The Talk!

Oh happy days! I am so happy with TV Guide I am almost willing to pay their ridiculously high subscription rate! As anyone who reads my blog and facebook knows, I am and angry with The Talk and, specifically, Julie Chen Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osborn for the “Leah & Holly” fiasco.  The content of the discussions on the show has go downhill ever since the two popular co-hosts were “fired” from the very project they helped create, without so much as a word.  You might even call it being “stabbed in the back.” In a recent interview, Sharon made some terrible remarks on the Howard Stern Show. All the remaining original co-hosts mentioned above have tried to shift the blame to others for the “dismissal,” but none of them addressed the main complaint of viewers.  What has been most troubling was the lack of explanation to Leah and Holly and their fans.  

It’s a new day! Leah and Holly have moved on to other projects.  Their fans are a little stuck.  We enjoyed The Talk the way it was and now it’s ruined.  Thanks to a brilliant writer at TV Guide, I can quote you what their “Jeers” said about the show.  It’s not going to change anything, but I got some satisfaction!

“Jeers to The Talk for biting in the Big Apple.

CBS's daytime cringe-athon is telecasting live this week from the "foyer" of Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall — otherwise known as the "lobby." Too bad the classy surroundings haven't rubbed off on the crass co-hosts. To wit(less): Sharon Osbourne said she was "offended" by Alec Baldwin's tweets about American Airlines' "stewardesses," but added, "I would still like to have sex with you, Mr. Baldwin." (Eww!) Sara Gilbert red-facedly admitted she doesn't know how to pronounce "clitoris." (Awkward!) And Julie Chen asserted to guest Kim Cattrall — who had compared Sex and the City's writers to Noel Coward! — that men didn't like Sex because it "empowered women." (As if!)

That's not why I dislike The Talk. It's so slavishly derivative of better daytime talk shows, from the "Top Chen List" (kinda like "Oprah's Favorite Things," but much cheaper — Piggy Pajamas, anyone?) or the hot-topic discussions that make The View sound like the Algonquin Roundtable (Osbourne had a brain freeze trying to remember Rick Perry's name — ironic, eh?). Seriously, I've heard more stimulating conversations on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

What do you think of The Talk — in New York City or otherwise?”

Sorry I was a little self indulgent today, but you know it’s hard to get any satisfaction in this lifetime.  You have to grab what little you can get! This is just a tiny excerpt of the thousands of things that go on every day. They used to be so careful about subject matter and language because it’s daytime television, but no more. I almost swear they are purposely trying to be outrageous to draw in viewers, but they are losing the ones they had. 

Now, I’m done with my little rant!  I owe you a decent blog, but I had to get this out of my system!

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