Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Anne Hathaway Overexposed Downunder...

Anne Hathaway overexposed downunder!

In looking through today's news items I come across this picture of Anne Hathaway, and then I hear on The Talk how her vagina was exposed. Really? Surely this was an unintended and terrible accident. I have seen a few Anne Hathaway movies and I liked the roles she played. Generally, my impression of her as a person and actress was pretty positive. Now, I'm not sure what the hell to think. I did an innocent Google search of her pictures online and found that Ms. Hathaway has a problem. She doesn't seem to know what clothes are intended for, namely, to cover up our bodies. And, clothes are designed to especially cover up our private parts, even bathing suits are meant to do that. Ms. Hathaway hasn't always grasped that concept.

Now maybe the Vagina Incident was an unfortunate and unintended error captured instantly by photographers, but what about these other pictures (and for all I know there are a lot more)? I don't know about you, but I don't find any of them very flattering. If a dress doesn't make you look good, if a lack of undergarments do not enhance your appearance, then what the hell look is Anne going for with her outfits? Damn! I think it's shameful and disgraceful to appear in public wearing any of these garments and especially when you know full well that scores of pictures will be taken of you, preserved forever on the internet, where the entire world can view them. Is it me? Am I that old fashioned? Do I lack fashion sense? Please, if it is, will someone who glances over this blog let me know? 

For now my opinion of Anne has been permanently altered. It's a shame when a woman uses her body to get negative attention. Of course men will ogle her because she is practically naked, leaving zero to the imagination. Now she is upset because these most recent photos expose her vagina...whose fault is that? How high was her slit? Pretty damn high. She wasn't concerned when she tried on the gown, bought the gown and wore the gown. How do you go out in public to award ceremonies and premieres in clothes like the ones pictured above? I would be mortified. Wouldn't you?

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