Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good Bye Russell Stover...

Once upon a time, Russell Stover has no plastic tray and more candy...

I have been buying and eating Russell Stover chocolates for about 40 years if not longer.  In fact, when my husband and I were dating, I already had a strong preference for Russell Stover candy for quite a few years.  So when he bought me Whitman’s chocolates for Valentine‘s Day, I made it clear that I only eat Russell Stover.  The next time Valentine’s day rolled around and he forgot and bought Whitman’s chocolate again. I told him to give them to his mother because I only eat Russell Stover.  Eventually he caught on.

A couple of years ago Russell Stover joined the incredibly shrinking products era.  They shrunk their one pound box of chocolates to 12 ounces, but the price remained the same.  You would be surprised at how a loss of 3 ounces affected the number of chocolates in the box and the variety.  It was a big difference!  I was annoyed and complained and vented about the change.  I would rather they had kept the size the same and raised the price.  The size of the box actually remained the same, even with less chocolate because they devised a plastic tray to fit inside for the 12 ounces of candy so that the missing space was filled by the tray.  I felt like they were making a fool out of me.

Why am I complaining about this now?  Well this Thanksgiving, as my brother does for every holiday, he bought me a box of Russell Stover.  My brother knows how much I love their chocolate. So after dinner and doing the dishes, I sat down and picked out my favorite pieces.  There were two maple filled chocolates in the box.  I ate the first one and thought, something is not quite right.  I ate the second one and thought something is definitely not right with the taste.  It was inferior to what I remembered the last 40 years.  I decided to have one last piece, a coconut candy, how could they ruin coconut?  Well they did.  The have done something to the recipes.  The quality is noticeably inferior to what it has always been.  I commented out loud about my feelings.  My brothers responds that he thought the taste wasn’t quite right either.  Again, the price did not go down, just the quality.

I just got done writing to Russell Stover voicing my complaints about the size of the box and the inferior taste.  Now I will add them to my pet peeves and I can say that I will not buy or eat any more Russell Stover.  If I want a piece of chocolate, I will have an Almond Joy, a Hershey with almonds, Raisinettes, or some peanut M&Ms.  They still have the same taste and quality and satisfy my craving for chocolate quite well.  

This is very disappointing to me. Nothing changes for the better, only the worse.  Companies are only interested in profits and the hell with customer satisfaction and product quality.  Oh well, it was good while it lasted.  Good bye Russell Stover!


  1. I too used to love Russell Stover because it was the candy my mom ate & gave me. Now it tastes like plastic or box flavor. It is really hard to find a piece unless it is individually wrapped and not in a box that tastes like candy. I haven't complained to the company but, I am extremely picky and I keep getting a box here and there praying it was just "bad" but the flavor of the product is compromised. I don't like the candy in the box anymore :(

  2. Thank you so much for confirming my opinion. I have also had several more boxes (I can't stop my brother from buying them for me) and the taste has been permanently compromised. I'm am sure they are using inferior ingredients as well as shrinking the weight of the box to maximize profits!

  3. I am glad I found this post.
    I just bought 3 boxes of assorted creams.
    I opened a box and picked out a few favorites.
    I immediately got a bitter taste.
    it was so strong it over powered any filling flavor.
    It was just a mixed muddy bitter taste.
    what a shame.
    I thought it was just me.
    I tried a piece the next day and it was the same bitter waxy taste.
    how can you mess up chocolates?
    I will be avoiding R.S chocolates in the future.

  4. RUSSELL STOVER CHOCOLATES ARE HORRIBLE!!! We got a box for Christmas and MAN are they gross. The cream fillings are all sugar and the chocolate is of disgustingly low quality. The overall candy is one huge bomb of overpowering, artificial saccharine sweetness that makes you want to gulp down a gallon of water. NEVER getting this brand; it's a good thing we got it as a gift.

  5. We used to always celebrate with a Whitman's sampler. Russell Stover bought Whitman's in 1993 and slowly phased out the distinction. Now, the yellow sampler box if full of those new, terrible Russell Stover replacement chocolates. You can't buy RS, Whitman's, or Pangburn's without getting a box full of chemical taste.

  6. I received a box for Valentine's day. Held off eating a piece until a night who and choked on a piece of plastic. It was about half the size of my fingernail. I just sent a email to them to let them know I am extremely unhappy. I should not choke on something that I thought would bring me joy.

  7. yes they are bad and now smaller too! Fanny Mae has done the same thing !! Where are all the good chocolates of yesterday ??????
    gone with everything else I guess��

  8. I used to work at RSC & I quit eating their candy within 6 months of working there. Oh, the stories I could tell you about why their candies taste different.

  9. This really bothers me, RSC use to be the absoloute best, but now its full of the nastiest unhealthy ingredients I would love to hear the stories of why they stop producing quality chocolate. ,

  10. I just got a small box for Christmas. It had 4 little chocolates in them. I picked out the coconut one as that is my favorite ingredient and as I was chewing I noticed a strange taste, plastic type, chemical, not rancid to me but the taste was definitely off. I spit it out in a tissue. I looked at the bottom of the other chocolates and it was white like when chocolate gets very old. There was no expiry dated on the box. I would love to know why these chocolates taste like plastic and chemicals. Now I have stomach pain and I know it's related.

  11. Russell Stover, Whitman's, Elmer's, Hershey's pot o gold-- crap, bad, horrible, worse.

    Stay away from these good awful, stale drug store "candies" and get yourselves (and especially the people you love) a box of Godiva chocolates. They are the only brand that still has flavor and actually tastes like chocolate because they actually use real cocoa and lots of it.

  12. Just got a box for Christmas and the chocolate has a chemical taste almost. It's gross! Blech!

  13. I just tasted a piece in Whitman's chocolate samplers. Very chemically taste to it, like frieken windex! I looked it up to complain and found that Russell Stover owns them, figures. Disgusting taste, the whole box is a waste. We got it for Christmas too. This sucks. I will never buy Russell Stover's or their brands.

  14. All of this is good to know. I was going to buy some valentine chocolates for the grandkids but now, I'm going to the local candy maker and buy them there. I know I'll pay more but I'm sure the taste will be worth it!

  15. I recommend See's candy. Just go to It's not cheap but man is it good.

  16. I have to agree with everything here. My Grandma and Mother used to buy nothing but Russell Stover. The downsizing and nasty aftertaste (The person that called it Windex is close.) have stopped me from buying their "candies." I think See's the the best now, and I am fortunate to live within 7 miles of a See's store.

    Oh, something I don't see mentioned is how they downsized the candy Easter eggs. I remember how they changed the way they wrap them to disguise how much they had been downsized. I feel deceived and refuse to support such sleazy tactics. I would have preferred the same size and quality for a higher price. Also, they did away with the green coconut and pink strawberry Easter eggs. Those were really good and I liked how they came in clear wrappers. Interesting how none of their Easter eggs can be seen in the packages now.

  17. I was just poking around the interwebs to see if anyone else had noticed that Russell Stover, which used to be delicious, is completely inedible now. Too much sugar, too little flavor. The sugar and the chemicals irritate my throat so bad I just end up so thirsty. It is a shame because they used to be my favorite.