Monday, November 7, 2011

Justin Bieber's Paternity Test

Justin is in Europe right now with girlfriend Selena Gomez.  They are both still together, despite rumors to the contrary.  Justin has been accused of being the father of  Mariah’s Yeater’s three month old baby, which he flatly denies.  Justin says he will take a paternity test when he gets back in two weeks to put the issue to rest and then he will sue Yeater for her false allegations.  Bieber’s people have found the lab where the test is to be done.  If I were him, and innocent, I would want the test done in a very controlled setting where the possibility of the results being tampered with in anyway is out of the question.  If I were him and there is even a remote possibility I could be the baby’s father, I would want to pick my own lab and maybe “fix” the results.  Of course that would be unethical, but my mind can’t help but go there.  Mariah Yeater leaves a lot to be desired and I would hate for Justin to be saddled with her for the rest of his life.

This Yeater woman is the type of guest Maury Pauvich likes to have on his show.  She has already accused at least one other man of fathering this baby, her ex-boyfriend.  I guess that didn’t work out so she is going to keep pointing the finger until one DNA test pays off.  The fact that courts allow women to accuse a number of men of being their baby’s father and forcing them to have DNA tests, doesn’t quite sit well with me.  I think women should be allowed one accusation and one DNA test.  Maybe they will pay more attention to who, when and how many men they are sleeping with at one time.

Even if a man hasn’t slept with a woman, she is free to accuse him of being the father of her baby.  So what if she sets his life in turmoil for a few weeks and he has to live under a cloud of suspicion?  So what if he is in a committed relationship and the accusations create doubts and destroy the trust in his relationship?  So what if it tarnishes his character and reputation and good name?  By the time the test is taken and the results come back, a lot of damage can be done.  And what penalty or consequence does the woman get if the results come back “He is NOT the father?”  None.  She just moves on to her next victim until one of the DNA results sticks?  How many lives does she get to turn upside down?  

Something is wrong with a system that allows men to be victimized by unscrupulous, calculating women who have no moral fiber.  Even if a man wears a condom, he cannot be exonerated without a paternity test.  

Justin Bieber may not have ever met this woman, as he says.  Yet, based on her word alone, he has to subject himself to a DNA test to prove she is lying.  She is a lowlife, but her word is good enough to invade his privacy, provide him with worldwide negative publicity, possibly creating friction in his love life, and making him take a DNA test to vindicate himself.  He is a young, international star without a hint of scandal, yet his word that he never met her, let alone had sex with her, is not enough to clear his name.  Isn’t something wrong with this picture?

I can’t wait for the results.

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