Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rosie O'Donnell on OWN

I have been meaning to write about The Rosie Show for a while now.  I started watching it about two or three weeks ago when nothing was on.  I wasn't expecting much, but I found myself really enjoying it.  Rosie is on her game as much as ever.  The show starts with some interaction with the audience, a little stand up comedy, and then she has two guests she interviews to fill up the hour show.

Rosie had to move to Chicago to be on Oprah's network, OWN.  She is in for a long winter.  Chicago winter's are not too kind.  And Parker, the first "baby" she adopted is 16 and in a military school that he asked to attend.  Instead of all the stories she would tell about the "kids" there are more stories and jokes about menopause. For instance, she has a new policy of gifting "snuggies" to all audience members because she keeps the studio very cold due to her hot flashes.  Her solution to help the city of  Chicago with their show removal is to line up a bunch of menopausal women in bathing suits and let them go out, in chorus line formation, and melt it all away.  I have to admit, going through menopause for 7 years myself, I can totally relate.  I run my AC at 60 degrees and keep my window open all winter long.  I was putting the heat down to 68 at night and my poor daughter complained she couldn't sleep because it was too cold.  Maybe I need to get her a her own "snuggies."

I just wanted so spread the word that The Rosie Show is very funny and if you haven't tried it you may want to.  We can all use a laugh and Rosie is ready to give us one.

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