Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jeff Ashton, Prosecutor, Speaks Out On Casey Anthony…

Well, Dr. Phil has his finger on the pulse of everything that everyone wants to know, and his hand on the cash that high ratings brings.  Jeff Ashton’s book about the Casey Anthony trial just came out and Dr. Phil had him on the show to talk about what happened.  Did he misjudge the jury?  And what is he going to say about Casey’s psychological evaluation.  I invested so much in following the story hoping for justice for Caylee, that I decided to tune in and see what new information Jeff might shed on the case.  He may give us his thoughts as to what he thinks happened to Caylee…here we go.

Jeff has a new book, Imperfect Justice, that has come out.  It contains new information that never came out.  Jeff was totally shocked by the verdict.  All 12 jurors disregarded all the evidence in a short amount of time.  His biggest complaint about Jose Baez, his dishonesty with the prosecution, the Anthony’s and the court.

They show a couple of jurors who said that the prosecution didn’t even prove their case, yet Jeff never thought the case was in trouble.  Jeff says they never saw the photos of how the body was found with duct tape over her face.  There is no reason to have duct tape over Caylee’s face.  (On a previous show, George Anthony believes that too much drug was given to Caylee and she never woke up…a chemical babysitter, so Caylee could go out and have a good time and freedom).  Jeff says this theory still doesn’t explain the duct tape. Jeff says Casey decided that Caylee was keeping her from the life she wanted.  She used chloroform to put her to sleep and, type up her mouth and nose to kill her and then left in the trunk of the car while she went off with the boyfriend.  Jeff says no one takes a drowned child and puts duct tape over her mouth and dumps her in a swamp.  Two mental health doctors said that Casey told them that George murdered Caylee by drowning her. 

The defense points the finger at George during the trial.  Wow Marcia Clark is on the show and looks NOTHING like herself at all!  How much plastic surgery did she have? Damn!  The damaging problem is that the prosecution did not “clear” George so that Casey could be found guilty.  Marcia says a trial is a popularity contest.  If the jury likes the defendant there is no way you are going to convict.  They jury bought the story that George was there when Caylee drowned.  

Jeff is angry that they labeled George a child molester and Marcia agrees that something like that has a big impact on the jurors.  George was suspect.  And that is what really caused the acquittal.  They had doubts about George’s involvement that, in their minds, was never resolved by the prosecution.

Did the media influence the outcome of the trial?  Jane Valez Mitchell is on the show to speak to that.  She wants to know how to make chloroform, if that is what she used, how did she make it?  Why wasn’t that explained?  Jeff thinks the media was a factor in the outcome, even though they did what they were supposed to do and report on the case. The information they released helped to exclude many potential jurors who wanted to be on the jury and would have evaluated the evidence in a different way.  

The jury was not unanimous from the start.  Not guilty doesn’t mean innocent.  The jury did what they did based on how they interpreted the law, says one juror.

Marcia Clark gets very passionate about the evidence that all points to Casey’s guilt: the duct tape, the bella vita tattoo, the chloroform, the 30 days of lying, she was the last person seen with the baby… These are all the things and more that point only to Casey and not George.  

All in all, there was really nothing new brought out.  If the jury had reasonable doubt because of George, then they were not the brightest group of people.  Too bad because a child murderer is free to do whatever she wants and go on to have a life while her precious baby barely had a chance to live.  

It was good to see Marcia Clark again.

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