Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sandusky's Lawyer...Bird Of A feather?

Just as Sandusky tries to dismiss the charges against him by a not so defiant denial and describing his actions in the shower as “horsing around,” we find out a few things about his lawyer, Joe Amendola.  

Joe Amendola represented a client named Mary Lavasile in a case of emancipation against her parents in 1996, a few weeks before her 17th birthday.  At the same time, Mary became pregnant with Joe Amedola’s baby, according to Mary’s mother, Janet.  Mary met Joe through the school district and her mother had no idea of their involvement.  Joe was 49 years old, while Mary was 16.  The two married in 2003 when they had a second child.  The two have since split up.  Janet now says she respects Joe because he has been a good father.  What???  If a 49 year old man took advantage of my 16 year old daughter I really hate to think what I would have done.

Before I have a total stroke, I learned that the age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16.  But a man nearly 50 and a 16 year old girl is just wrong on so many levels.  It makes me think he is a pedophile too. And Joe is quick to defend Sandusky’s actions by saying he is just a jock and that’s what jock’s do!  Anyone who could defend a pedophile has to be sick themselves.  And Joe says he believes in Sandusky’s innocence so much that he would leave his own children alone with him.  Right, I’d love to put him to the test!

Here we have two dirty old men who take advantage of vulnerable children for their own sexual gratification.  It’s disgusting.  Sandusky should go to prison for the rest of his life, which would not be long enough to satisfy me that he paid for his crimes.  Amendola technically didn’t break any laws, but a 49 year old man and a 16 year old girl is morally wrong. Pennsylvania needs to change its laws today.  What does a 16 year old know about consent?  It’s a pedophile’s safe haven.  Just have them all go there to find their victims, and then claim consent.  

When is this country going to wake up already?  Raise the age of consent and crack down on these perverts!

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