Sunday, November 6, 2011

Herman Cain Another Clarence Thomas?

Twenty years ago, when Anita Hill came forward to tell the world that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her, I believed her.  She came across as sincere and I didn’t see that she had anything to gain by making these allegations.  If anything she had a lot to lose.  It took a certain amount of courage for her to come forward, to tell her story in front of a virtually all-white committee of men.  Men who had probably been guilty of the same things or worse. Anita Hill was made to be the villain, not the heroine, though she kept her integrity and dignity throughout the days of questioning and her story never changed.  She came forward because she thought it was important for those in power to know that a man, being considered for the Supreme Court, did not have the character and moral fiber for the position.  To believe Anita Hill meant that Thomas was guilty and not worthy of a seat on the US Supreme Court.  One hundred senators voted on Thomas’s appointment, 98 men and 2 women: 52 in favor and 48 against.  I still believe Anita Hill to this day.

Now we have Herman Cain trying to compare himself to Clarence Thomas.  An innocent man being accused of sexual harassment.  The “high-tech lynching” line that Thomas used during his committee hearings, with righteous indignation, is being resurrected in Cain’s defense.  The only thing is that this time there are three women coming forward and making allegations.  Three women that are not seeking fame and fortune, but coming forward to discredit his reputation with the truth.  The man is running for President and like every other candidate, the truth comes back to haunt you.  But Cain doesn’t want to deal with these allegations, which surfaced on October 20th.  He just says they aren’t true and these women are making them up; it never happened.  Yet, two of the women received substantial settlements, after making their complaints of sexual harassment, while Cain was chief executive officer of the National Restaurant Association.  Cain says no money was paid out.  By November 1st, Cain admits that there may have been some ridiculous basis for the women’s claims.  One of the women received a years salary in settlement, indicating her claims were more than ridiculous.

I am going to say that Herman Cain is indeed like Clarence Thomas.  Both men allegedly sexually harassed women, denied it and are using the “high-tech lynching” defense.  I didn’t believe Clarence Thomas and I don’t believe Herman Cain.  Isn’t it about time we demand more from our nation’s leaders?  Maybe ethical, lawful behavior and the truth?

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