Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bradley Cooper Sexiest Man Alive?

No way!  People magazine must not have looked very hard if Bradley is all they could come up with.  His nose is too big for his face and he looks a lot like Robin Williams.  Now we all know that magazines air brush all their pictures, especially those that go on the cover.  So Bradley is looking at his best here.  But he is just a younger version of Robin Williams, seriously.

Now Robin may not be as well endowed or have the same shape of baby blue eyes, but there is quite a resemblance between these two thespians.  I am just a little tired of all the drooling over Bradley.  Bradley has been seen with every starlet in Hollywood. He is the first one there to help a damsel in distress when she is going through a breakup, but he doesn't stay for long.  You gotta wonder about a guy who can have any girl he wants and sticks with no one at all.  I have done my wondering and my research.  Nothing sticks.

Anyway, he is good looking...yes.  Sexiest man! But, maybe Don Diamont from The Bold and the Beautiful could fill that title.

Don Diamont has been a soap actor for years, and like wine, he gets better and better with age.  But will he ever get picked for sexiest man alive?  No.  Why? Because he hasn't been on the big screen.  There are plenty of sexy men around.  I just think People should do a more thorough search.  That's all.

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