Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kate Gosselin Needs Paparazzi

One of Kate Gosselin's seven year old sons decided that instead of getting in the car, he would get under it.  There he is with his head behind the front passenger tire.  Kate is getting some flack for not getting out of the car and supervising her eight children while they all got into the van.  Fortunately, Collin escaped injury and came out of the incident without harm.

Now I have never been a fan of Kate's and find her to be obnoxious, loud and all around intolerable.  Her claims that she wants to best for her children, while she constantly puts their father down every chance she gets grates on my nerves.  In my opinion, her behavior towards Jon, on the Jon and Kate Plus Eight show, was nothing short of verbal abuse.  I don't know how they stayed together as long as they did.

Kate asked Jon for one more child before they had the sextuplets.  They already had twin girls and Jon was happy.  But Kate had to push the envelope and try once more.  And she succeeded six times over with her mission to have another baby.  Kate found a way to pay for all the bills with a reality television show.  The show that paid the bills eventually took it's toll on the family.  Jon and Kate split up and Kate moved on to another reality show, I think it was Kate Plus Eight.  It soon became clear to me that Kate was and is still very interested in being a celebrity.  The problem is she wanted so desperately to be a mother that she ended up adding the responsibility of raising six extra children to her life.  Now, she really doesn't have "time" to be a celebrity. Her children need her. She shouldn't be looking for nannies to raise her kids while she travels and desperately tries to get spots on shows or a show of her own.  Her first responsibility is to those kids.

Maybe she needs to re-evaluate her priorities.  Maybe she needs to see she is not really a celebrity, but she is really a mom.  Maybe she needs to get out of the van and make sure her kids are all safely inside.  The paparazzi is going to lose interest in following her around one of these days. They won't be there to pick up on her slacking. So Kate really needs to focus on her kids and get back her "mothering" state of mind.

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