Monday, November 14, 2011

American Horror Story: Sneak Preview 11/16

I seem to be obsessed with this show and have to watch it.  Too much happens to blog about it every week, but I just had to say something this week.  I find the show is a "Rosemary's Baby" in a haunted house setting.  So many people have died in that house it's impossible to keep track.  They should post a score card every week, not just of all the dead people, but all the characters.  Not many of them are alive.  I am dying to see that baby when it's born.  Ben and Vivian rarely check anything out.  Something is definitely up with that baby and the sonogram technician even met Vivian at a church to tell her it's a demon with hooves.  What does Vivian say, after pursuing the matter and trying to find out why the technician fainted?  "It was probably a machine malfunction."  Really?  Enough bad things haven't happened in that house to arouse her suspicions and get a second opinion?  And why the hell are they still in that house?  I know they have no money, per se, but to stay they and defy the odds is unbelievable.  No one is that brave.  The house is so damn big and all the locks in the world have not kept anyone out.  I found a sneak preview of this week's upcoming episode "Open House".  I had to watch it and then I figured I would share it along with my new two cents.

I have always loved horror stories and this one has it all, as unbelievable as the episodes are, I have to keep tuning in.  My biggest complaint is that almost the whole episode takes place in the dark and I cannot see what the hell is happening too much of the time.  I hope they fix that for season two...if the family survives to film an episode two.

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