Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bernie Madoff

What is more infuriating than Bernie Madoff ripping off billions of dollars from investors, many of them of their life savings that they planned on using for retirement?   Or the fact that his own son was so deeply affected by his father's crimes that he tried to commit suicide two times and succeeded the second time? We have all heard story after story of the lives he ruined and at 71 years old, he will never repay his debt to society or to his victims.  Why am I so pissed today? Bernie is in prison at least, right?  

Well the other day I heard Bernie Madoff was quoted as saying he is pretty happy in prison.  Yes, he is relieved that he has put locked up and doesn't have to worry night and day about his whole ponzi scheme falling apart, about being discovered. His nightmare was over and he didn't have to live a lie anymore.  In fact, he says he has never been happier in the last twenty years than he is now!  That's what irks me.  His actions financially devastated countless people who put their trust in him and his own son took his life and this "man" has never been happier???  I'm sure his victims loved hearing that even more than I did.  

And while he has been in prison, life hasn't been so bad for Bernie.  He has been welcomed by inmates as a celebrity/hero for his accomplishments.  Some of them even seeking his advice.  It's unbelievable and all ironic.  I hear that tonight, on 60 Minutes, his wife Ruth will be interviewed.  Not sure if I will watch it or not.  I don't believe she was innocent of what was going on all these years. I think she could have cooperated more in helping authorities to get back some of the money investors lost.  I find her revelation unbelievable that when he was arrested, she and Bernie took sleeping pills in a suicide pack and then woke up the next day.  If she was so innocent, why would she feel the need to kill herself? This was right in the beginning before a lot of the information was public knowledge.  

Even though he is in jail paying for his crime, I am not happy that Bernie is happy. He should not be happy.  He could never live long enough to pay for his crimes. So what that he got 150 years?  If he could serve the whole 150 I might be happy, but it's impossible.  He should at least keep his mouth shut and say nothing, because this is just adding salt to the wounds of those who lost everything they worked for.


  1. I think he's been given too much attention. Why do I care what is going on in his life now, or his wife's for that matter that it has to be a 20/20 story? I agree with you about his son, that's very sad.

  2. It's funny, I am reading The Wizard of Lies , about Madoff, I looked up (reading at the computer) and checked into your site and saw this today. I will be watching tonight I want to see his wife speak.

  3. I like your line; "I am not happy that Bernie is happy. He should not be happy." - It makes you wonder if there is any true justice in this world.

  4. I didn't watch his wife, I wouldn't believe a word she had to say. If I were her and really knew nothing, and my son committed suicide over what his father did, it would take everything in me not to kill him. I think she knew what was going on and as long as she enjoyed the good life and presitge she was ok with it! There is no justice!