Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amanda Knox Comes Home!

After fours years in an Italian prison, Amanda Knox, was finally released yesterday and is on her way home to Seattle, WA. I didn’t follow the particulars of the case, but from what I did hear, it made no sense to me at all. Why would make a college student, studying abroad, happy with her Italian boyfriend, kill her roommate, British student Meredith Kercher? It just never sat well with me when they came to the conclusion Amanda must have murdered her.

The case fell apart when it was discovered that the DNA evidence that was heavily relied upon to convict her, was totally unreliable. It took them four years to figure that out? Four years of a young girl’s life wasted in prison and fighting for her life based on virtually nonexistent evidence and no motive. Meanwhile, the Italian prosecutor wants to turn the case over to the Italian Supreme Court! Probably he is just trying to save face at this point, but can he?

And what about Meredith’s family? Where is their justice for their daughter. While investigators focused all their attention on Amanda and her boyfriend, the real killer looms somewhere, probably having a good laugh over a plate of lasagna. It has to be very upsetting to them knowing that four years ago it seemed like a certainty that police had captured the killers of her daughter and now the evidence of that has unraveled. Where does that leave them?

The whole case was a mess from the start. Two young girls victimized by a system that failed them both. One lost her life, and there is no one being held accountable. One lost fours years of her life and has the stigma of living under this cloud of murder for the rest of her life. Two families enduring untold heartache for four years without answers. Nd where is the truth? Will they be able to find the real killer any more?

Well, I was never convinced of her guilt. Like Judge Judy says, if it makes no sense, it’s not true. This girl had no reason to kill her roommate, a girl she was friends with. If she did it, there would be more evidence. As it looks now, there was no evidence. I read that Amanda made some incriminating statements, but she says the police beat her into making them. I find that credible. Amanda will probably write a book about her ordeal and a movie will be made. This case has gotten worldwide attention and people will want to read her version of events.

For now, I wonder how she will get back to the normal life she had four years ago, before all this happened. If I remember correctly, she was an honor student. How does a young girl, who has been so traumatized by such an ordeal go on from here? I just wish her the best and hope she can go on without wasting much more time. Four precious years have been lost already and who knows the long term effects this will have on her mind and spirit.

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