Saturday, October 22, 2011

Worst Mothers Of The Year!

I don’t think I will remember them all, but there are quite a few out there and I am sure you can add to my list.  Here we go, in no particular order, because I don’t want to fry my brain but dwelling too much on these women, who obviously lack maternal instinct, a conscience, and the ability to love even their own children.

No list of evil mothers would be complete without Casey Anthony.  We all know the sordid details of the lies she has told for years to cover her tracks in the murder of her baby, Caylee.  Lying to her parents, to authorities, sending police on a wild goose chase and grabbing the country’s attention as people prayed for and looked for her baby while she partied.  The evidence against her was overwhelming, in my opinion, and yet the worst travesty of justice happened and she was found not guilty.   I compare her to Susan Smith, who drowned her two little boys in her car and listened as they called out “mommy” until it went down.  Both of these women did not have to kill these babies.  There were people who loved them, family who would raise them; did that even occur to them.  How sick does a person have to be to kill their own baby?

Next on my list is Alexandra Harrelson of the Dr. Phil family.  Following her story is nauseating to say the least.  This woman, who had her first baby, Nathan, at 15, has gone on to have two more babies that she cannot take care of, leaving her parents to raise all three.  In the last three years she has managed to develop a drug addiction.  It’s probably longer than that.  But, due to her selfish need to put drugs ahead of everything else, even though help was offered to her several time and declined, she allowed her third baby to be born addicted to drugs and suffer the pains of withdrawal and other health complications.  Now she is with a fourth man, a real prize package, who has been in prison for domestic abuse and is much older than she is (24/35).  He is also the cousin of her former “man,” Tony, who was also a loser.  Her mother Erin was right about him, but Alex fought her every step of the way.  It would not surprise me if she had a fourth baby by this man and dumped it on her parents.  The best predictor of future behavior is past behaior says the good doctor.

Dina Lohan is no exception to the list.  In fact she is the one who prompted me to write this blog today. When I see the mess that Lindsay Lohan has become, and as much as I do not like that she has thrown away her career, her health and maybe one day her life, I still feel a lot of the credit for her mistakes goes to Dina Lohan.  Dina is really the one who introduced a very young Lindsay into show business in the first place, being both mother and manager of her daughter.  Then I read that they went “partying” together in the fats lane.  Lindsay never had a stable childhood or two responsible parents.  Even now, she is addicted to drugs and isn’t in her right mind.  Who knows what damage she has suffered, but we have seen her teeth, yellow and decayed, and there is a reason for that.  Now, I read that Dina is writing a tell all book about Linsday’s deep dark secrets.  Anything for a “buck.”  Dina herself may also be an addict, I am not going to research to confirm this, this whole family needs life long therapy.  Meanwhile, Dina is also screwing up her daughter Ashley, who may have an eating disorder, but is going into modeling with Dina as her manager.  Don’t forget Dina has a son and he cannot be left out, as she tries to raise 5 million dollars to make a movie with him in it.  Why couldn’t she just have been a mother to her three kids?  That was all they ever needed.

And what about little Lisa Irwin’s mother, Deborah Bradley?  The ten month old has been missing since October 4th, when the parents claimed someone snuck into their house and took the baby and their cell phones.  The mother failed a lie detector test and that’s when more of the truth came out.  Apparently she said she had last see the baby at something like 10:30 PM, but changed it to 6:30 PM after the lie detector indicated she was being deceptive.  So she adds that she had gone out to get a bottle of wine and was drunk that night, that‘s why she failed the lie detector.  Now police dogs were brought in that were trained to detect the scent of deceased humans and the dogs indicated there was such a scent near the bed of the mother.  Would anyone really be surprised if she did something to that baby?  Let’s just pray they find that baby soon and she is safe and unharmed.

The maternal instinct is so strong in all animals, not just human beings.  It just boggles my mind that any mother would want anything, but the best for their children.  Protecting them from harm, nurturing them, making sure they are happy and healthy and loved, that’s what mother’s do.  But not these mothers.  Some people should not have children, or if they do, they should put them up for adoption and let people who are capable of loving and caring for them have them. There are so many women who are not able to have children, who deserve to. There are too many who can have children, who don’t deserve to be mothers.  Just because one is biologically able to have a child, it doesn’t make you a mother. Just because you can’t have a child, doesn’t mean one wouldn’t be the best mother in the world.  

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  1. Just think, if Alexandra had gone ahead with the adoption plan at age 15, she and her son could have had a better chance at life. She is a case for forced sterilization, imo. Sick.