Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ethnic/Religious Reality TV Shows

Normally, I would have never started a blog to cover a show called Russian Dolls, but I had my reasons.  The intention was to bring traffic over to my daughter’s blog.  The show was promoted as the next Jersey Shore and we figured it would appeal to a younger audience.  Well, Lifetime really botched up everything about the show and suffice to say that it did not finish airing the whole 12 shows in it’s time slot; but after 7 shows they decided to run a marathon of the rest of them one morning to get rid of them all at once.  Then they had an epiphany and decided to rerun the series on their sister network, Lifetime Real Women.  I was all set to finish out my run and let the blog drift out into cyberspace for future generations to find and “enjoy.”  

But yesterday I discovered that a new show on TLC, called All Ameircan Muslim, would be premiering in November.  Vat to do? (the Russian influence lingers)  As I read about the 5 families and watched the sneak peek of the pilot, it sounded interesting.  Of course I am basing this on my experience with Russian Dolls, a show so badly done in every aspect that any show would be a breath of fresh air.  Now I have already written a couple of blogs on the new show based on the information that TLC is putting out there.  They must be expecting it to be controversial because they only filmed 8 episodes and probably don’t know if it will be well received or not.  

I am going to give it a try.  I want to learn more about this community of Muslim families in Dearborn, Michigan and their traditions and lifestyles.  I’ll blog about what I find out and see where it gets me.  I’ll tell you what Russian Dolls taught me about the Russians, they are: materialistic to the max, they are superficial, obnoxious, self-centered, egotistical, overbearing, rude, and a few more things.  That is the way the show portrayed them so they cannot blame me for that assessment.  I started the blog on a very positive note, their behavior, poorly written “scripts” and attitudes changed my blog over to a negative and critical one.  Right from the beginning, there was very little positive to write about, hard as I tried.  And to be perfectly honest, I enjoyed finding things to complain about!  It became fun.

Now I would like to compare that show to this new show, just to see what there is to learn about the Muslim way of life and the people.  I admit I have never known many Muslims in my lifetime, but I recall one woman who was a student in my French class who was extremely nice.  So we will see where this leads.  And Ryan Seacrest is producing a new show called the Shahs of Sunset, which should premiere in the near future.  Meanwhile the Russian Dolls blog can live on as an ethno-religious reality blog until I get tired of it.

I only wish I had signed on for Jersey Shore in the beginning, they were the ground breakers, and Italians were on the chopping block!

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