Saturday, October 15, 2011

Natural Wrinkle Removers

Botox isn't for everyone, and it's not for me. I don't like any cosmetic procedures at all unless they are to correct some kind of real issue like scarring or a huge nose.  So I was surprised to come across a natural way of getting rid of wrinkles by doing facial exercises or facial yoga.  The premise is, the more times you make a certain facial expression certain lines will form in the face, like creasing a piece of paper over and over int he same spot.  We lose collagen in those areas.  It makes perfect sense, as the author of the article I read says, "At some point during your childhood, your mom or grandmother or another fed-up adult probably said to you, 'Quit making that expression or your face will freeze like that!”'  Well it actually does after you get to your thirties and begin to lose elasticity.

Still, I was prepared to grow old gracefull with all my wrinkles, representing my battle scars in life, until I read this article and watched the video below.  What they say actually makes sense and can't hurt.  The best part is you can do it at home at no cost to you so you have nothing to lose. 

Of course the first place to start is eating healthy (I have to get back to that), drinking lots of water (I need to get back to that), using sunscreen and skin care products.  But aside from those things there are others you can do if you are determined to erase those lines.  The link to author, Stephanie Huszar's article is below.  Stephanie made a conscious effort not to make the "faces" that created the lines she didn't want.  Most of those include the angry frown lines so she choses to laugh rather than frown. She wears sunglasses outdoors to avoid squinting and if you find yourself squiting when reading go get glasses! 

Soon she found that the extra smiling changed her attitude into a more positive one and she felt better overall.  Plus, she says, no one ever looked worse from a few laugh lines!

Now under this helpful article was a video, below, that shows facial yoga techniques you can use to actually tighten facial muscles and rebuild some of the collagen that has been lost in your face.  Doing these regularly, for three to four weeks, is supposed to give you noticable results.  It just takes a few minutes a day, but they must be done regularly. 

Now everyone knows I am a cynical skeptic, but from what I read and saw in the article and video, it makes logical sense so I am sharing it with everyone.  I wish people would stop with all the botox and implants and unnatural ways of achieving beauty and try some of these techniques instead.  If not we are all going to end up looking like aliens from another planet.

Stephanie's Article: Self inflicted Botox

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