Friday, December 9, 2011

Simon Cowell's Scowl...

If you have been watching X Factor this season then you’ll know what I am talking about.  Simon Cowell was mentoring the “girls” this season and we were down to the last few contestants, Drew, Rachel Crow and Melanie Amaro.  Last week Drew was in the bottom two with Marcus Canty.  Simon took the blame for her being there because of her song choice and lack of dancing to a Michael Jackson song.  The female judges, Paula and Nicole, took issue with the fact that she didn’t do an up tempo song and dance as a tribute to Michael’s music and life.  Simon, pompous as always, defended the song choice and the way it was performed.  But when Drew ended up in the bottom two, he seemed to recant and almost apologized for his judgment saying the female judges were right AND he hoped that they would not punish Drew for his mistake. Unfortunately for Simon and Drew, both Paula and Nicole stuck to their guns and voted her off the show, keeping Marcus, who has been in the bottom two the past few weeks.  Simon was livid.  He was so angry that he became speechless, but knew he had to say a few words as Drew’s mentor.  However, it was plain to anyone watching, that he was fuming over their decision and the scowl on his face spoke volumes.

This week, Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty ended up in the bottom two.  There were only five contestants left, one has to go.  After sining “for their lives” it came down to the voting of the judges. Clearly Rachel was better than Marcus in my opinion.  LA picks Marcus to stay because he is his mentor, but you can see he is torn about having to choose.  Simon has no problem picking Rachel and sending Marcus home.  Paula loves them both, but kept Rachel and sent Marcus home.  Now it’s down to a sobbing Nicole, who doesn’t want to vote and make the decision.  It all rests in her hands and she is a “judge.”  It seemed to me that she wanted to keep Rachel too, she just didn’t want to be the “bad guy” and send Marcus home.  In the end, she votes to keep Marcus, creating a “tie” and the tie breaker is the actual number of votes that came in from the viewing audience.  In an high tension moment, it is announced that Rachel received the lowest number of votes from America and was going home.  Rachel has an emotional outburst like I have never seen before.  She falls to the floor in a sea of tears and loud sobbing (almost expected of a 13 year old, but they should prepare them for this outcome).  Joining her in the emotional breakdown was none other than Nicole, the judge responsible for it.  Both contestant and judge had to be consoled.  

Simon was, of course, angry. That didn’t stop him from consoling Rachel as he did last week with Drew.  You can see that Simon has real, genuine feeling for his “girls.” The guy is a real softy inside.  But there is nothing even “the great and powerful” Simon Cowell can do.  That’s the name of the game.  Only one person can win.  But did the right person go home?  Had Nicole voted, as the judges are supposed to do, Rachel would not have been going home.  But she didn’t really vote.  She chose to leave it up to America so the blood would not be on her hands, but on her hands it is.  By not voting, she changed the course of the outcome.

Now my question is, is Nicole’s days as a judge numbered?  Seriously.  She is there to vote for the person who did the best job.  Otherwise who needs judges?  We could do away with them and just go by the highest and lowest number of votes.  My guess is that either Nicole will quit the show because she finds judging too difficult or she will be let go, with a little help from Simon, and not asked to return next season.

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