Sunday, December 18, 2011

Children's Laughter...

Is there any sound better than hearing the laughter of your children?  Not for me, there isn’t.  Even today, when they are in there 20’s, I still love to hear them laugh, especially with or at one another.  It takes me back to when they were little and all their days were carefree.  Now they have responsibilities, they work hard and are often exhausted.  Their free time is limited, the time they spend with each other, hanging out, has been cut short.  Adulthood steals so much from them, and they aren’t even aware of it because it does it gradually, when they aren’t looking. Other people enter their lives and they need to and want to spend time with them. Work, and the traveling to and from it, take up a good 50 hours or more per week.  College, and devoting time to studying and assignments, and the new friends they make, keep them from spending time with loved ones. Sometimes, you just have to make the time to be with family!

So my girls planned to spend some quality time together this weekend.  Friday night we put up the tree.  They were both exhausted, one from school and finals, and one from work and taking the trains.  My older daughter was slap happy.  Everything struck her funny.  I sometimes do stupid things to make them laugh.  Okay, it's not sometimes.  I often do stupid things to make them laugh and not all of them are intentional. But, Friday night, as they were finished putting their ornaments on the tree, my younger daughter asked if they should add tinsel.  I said why not?  As she took out the tinsel, I reminded them to take a handful and put a strand on each branch.  While they weren’t looking, I got a bright idea.  I took about three strands of tinsel and put it over my head.  One strand happened to fall in front of my glasses.  Of course I could see it, but pretended I didn’t and left it there.  When the girls looked at me they started laughing at the tinsel on my head, and I ignore them.  Then my younger daughter complained that you can’t even see the tinsel on the tree by just putting on one strand per branch, it was enough in her opinion.  I looked at her, tinsel hanging in front of my glasses, and said I can see the tinsel just fine!  Well, they were doubling over laughing.  I imagine they thought, that because I had a strand over my glasses, that when I looked at the tree I saw tinsel on every branch!  It was stupid, but funny.  Then I pretended to find the three strands of tinsel on my head and accused them both of putting it there.  Another outburst of laughter a they both denied doing it. I really love hearing them laugh together, even if it’s at me.  I never told them the truth, they will only find out if they read the blog.  

I’m looking forward to them sharing a few more laughs this holiday season.  They’ll have a nice, long three day weekend together next week. They already have plans to wrap their gifts and do some baking on Christmas Eve.  They gave me a list of ingredients they would need so I could pick them up today.  I found them all so I guess we are going to have at least five desserts, one per person.  I am making a cherry pie and chocolate chip cookies.  The girls are making sugar cookies and two other cakes that involve a yellow cake mix and a red velvet cake mix and some cream cheese.  I have no clue what recipes they are using, but if they are happy, I am happy.  I even found the Christmas sprinkles they asked for, after I thought they were sold out!

Thank God I had already decided to go back on the 17 Day Diet after the holidays.  I might need to lose an extra pound or two by then!

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