Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Howard Stern & The Talk Hosts "Talk" About Leah and Holly!

Well I do hate beating a dead horse, but here we go!  The Talks hosts are visiting New York City this week and while they are here they stopped by to chat it up with Howard Stern.  Howard Stern never minces his words and no one is going to side step his questions.  So, during the second 15 minutes of the interview, he zeroed in on why the hosts have not discussed the departure of Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete?  He made sure to mention that fans were upset at not having their questions answered and blamed the decision almost entirely on Julie Chen. I am guilty of that myself. The interview did nothing to change my mind about Julie either.  Though I have lost some respect for Sharon, and Sara is just a puppet.

When Howard got the ladies, Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osborn all chatty, he made his move and asked what has been on everyone's mind since before season two started, why were Leah and Holly let go?

It seemed Julie was about to answer, when Sara Gilbert jumped in to say she would answer for Julie, after all she graduated from Yale.  First of all she said Julie was not the witch everyone thought she was.  I'm sure the fact that Julie is married to the head of CBS, Sara's boss, did not have anything whatsoever to do with Sara's defense of Julie.  Then Sara proceeded to give an explanation which was not satisfying at all.  Sara says, "Julie is definitely not the bad guy."  Then she blames it on "the show being run by the studio, the network, an EP (I guess that executive producer) and that's where the creative decisions are coming from...these kind of changes happen all the time on these shows, and basically that's the creative force behind it."  And so, when people are blaming Julie they are looking for a scapegoat or something."  Howard Stern jumps in with, "I like you Sara but I smell a cover up here, a little bit."  So do I, but you probably guessed that.  It shouldn't have taken months to say these things and yet it did.

A few minutes alter Howard gets back to the Leah and Holly issue and they discuss why Julie did not want them discussing Casey Anthony while she was away.  Legal issues.  It's about getting sued and CBS does not want to get sued when hosts do not adhere to the rules.  She says "some" people had issues with using the word allegedly or in my opinion and that's why there was so much "journalistic" concern. Julie saw it as protecting the network and each other...not being overbearing and controlling.

Howard wants to know why no one called Leah or Holly to discuss it with them and Sharon blurts out, "Why should we call them? What's there to discuss!"  Right here, Sharon shows her true colors of what kind of friend she is.  She had to have known how hurt and betrayed both Leah and Holly felt.  A few kind words and an explanation to them and their fans might have averted all these long months of hard feelings.  Howard agrees with me.  Sara chimes in that she talked to them, but not about what was said.  Sharon made another hurtful remark implying that Leah and Holly didn't know "who they were."  Really Sharon?  Then Sharon admits that she spoke to Julie about the fact that Leah and Holly were not "working" out.  Way to stick in a knife and twist it good!

So, I wonder why the hell they couldn't have said any of that months ago.  It comes across much worse now. Sara and Sharon sound like backstabbers and I am really disappointed with Sharon.  Her comments were totally insensitive. With friends like Sharon, you don't need enemies do you?  After listening to the interview and particular comments I think the fans outrage was justified.  I don't agree with their remarks, but I might have let it go had they spoken to Leah and Holly and then their viewers and cleared the air.  Obviously they had specific reasons for not asking them back so why all the secrecy?  They handled this badly and unprofessionally and let that be a lesson to anyone who works with them in the future

Whole Interview here: Howard Stern Gets Hosts to "Talk"

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