Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Shopping 50% Done…I Blame Barbie!

I should be done shopping by now, but I’m not.  We always shop as a family and my daughter’s finals are lasting until the 16th of December.  We have plans to go out on the 17th, bright and early.  I did what I could online and waited for packages to arrive since Black Friday.  Yesterday the last of those came and today I am going to try to get a few other things.  My biggest problem is trying to come up with ideas above and beyond what the girls say they want.  I always like them to open a few surprises and something that’s special.  I am still working on the something “special.”  

It was so easy to shop when they were little. Mattel lulled me into a false sense of security that I could always count on Barbie at Christmas. For so many years I just headed straight for the Barbie aisle at Toys R Us.  For a couple of Christmases I just got two of everything so they wouldn’t feel one’s Barbie was better than the other.  I never understood why they could not make one Barbie that did a couple of things, not just one.  Of course it’s for the money, two Barbies make more money for Mattel than one.  So bicycle Barbie or skating Barbie would not have a boom box because then there would be no boom box Barbie.  There was always a new Barbie advertised on Saturday morning cartoons, to replace last week’s Barbie.  You would not believe the number of Barbies I have gotten over the years, for birthdays, Easter and Christmas.  And never mind the accessories and playsets!  Let’s see, there was Doctor Barbie, Babysitter Barbie, Vet Barbie, Schoolteacher Barbie, etc etc  The play sets?  Barbie’s Kitchen, Barbie’s car, Barbie’s pool, Barbie’s portable house, Barbie’s Dream House, Barbie’s horse, Barbie’s classroom, Barbie’s McDonald’s…and on and on.

It got to the point that instead of Barbie living in OUR house, I felt like we were living in HER house.  That’s how much stuff this doll has to have.  But when you have young girls and they want Barbie’s this and that, well you want to make them happy for as long as you can, and it was so easy.  Needless to say, the Barbie phase has long gone and I am scratching my head every year for ideas.  Every other year we get new phones, smarter phones, so that is a blessing.  This happen to be an off year and yes I am still whining.  At least I managed to get a few things and there is still time.  Who knows, I may just pull it off yet.

Happy Shopping!  (And if you are still in the Barbie phase with your girls, Thank God!)

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