Monday, December 26, 2011

Twas The Day After Christmas...

It’s the day after Christmas, I’m tired and full,
I’m completely done with the shopping bull.
No more great “sales” and standing in line,
No more goodies and bottles of wine.
No getting up early just to run to the store,
No more carrying packages till my arms are sore.
No more cooking and baking at least for a while,
No more using up scotch tape by the yard or the mile.
No cleaning, no tinsel, no cookies, no wrapping,
No egg nog, no boxes, no lights and no snapping.
No Santa, no reindeer, no snowmen, no drama,
No trees, no stockings, no music, just lots of karma.

If you’ve recycled gifts you know that’s not right,
No one wants your label maker or bed reading light.
You’re not fooling anyone, so have no fear,
I can already tell you what you’re getting next year!

Ok I am done playing.  I am really tired today so this is all you are getting out of me.  I hope you all got everything you wanted under your tree.  I know I did. I just shouldn’t have had that glass of wine at dinner, that was a mistake!

Time to regroup and think about 2012!  I am going back on my 17 Day Diet and I have Jane Fonda’s exercise DVD’s for old people called “Prime Time.” What a way to put a spin on things?  I don’t feel like this is my prime time, but if she says so, who am I to argue.  Hopefully, I can do her exercises to get into some kind of shape and then advance to other things.  Any diet you go on has to include exercise or at the very least, moving around. It can be avoided.  So I am going to spend the next few days psyching myself up for another go at losing 10 more pounds (maybe 12 after this week).

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