Wednesday, December 14, 2011

American Horror Story Haunts Me!

The birth of the twins tonight!

Every week I want to blog about American Horror Story.  Why?  Because it’s so good!  I have always been a fan of the “horror” genre and watched everything and anything that was considered even remotely scary as a kid.  I even loved Stephen King novels.  This television series has it all.  The writing is great.  There are always twists and turns you cannot expect.  There are only two more shows left to the season and I am already having withdrawal pains. I cannot help myself today. I am caving in to my urge to blog it.  If you haven’t followed the show till now, this is not the blog for you, sorry. 

Let me just randomly pick topics that are getting me excited.  Vivian is going to give birth to those twins any day now, if not tonight.  One is a demon and Tate is the father; the other is Ben’s child.  So far, several of the dead people want the twins.  The gay couple wants both of them.  Constance, the “neighbor” wants them because Tate is father of the demon twin. Hayden and the doctor’s wife each want one of the babies because they each lost one. This is just crazy.  

Meanwhile Vivian and Ben don’t even know that Violet is dead in the basement with maggots eating up her body because they can still see her ghost in the house.  That’s why she has been missing school for two weeks!  And the poor exterminator had to be killed by Tate because he discovered her body while looking for the source of the flies taking over the house.  And, as my daughter points out, how can Vivian and Ben ever leave that house now?  It’s the only place they can still see and be with their daughter, Violet?

If Moira was killed in 1983, why does she look so old to Ben and Vivian?  Ben has just seen the old Moira for the first time, when he started to “see things as they really are” in the house.  But, ghosts don’t age.  They remain the age they were when they died.  Why is Moira different and will we ever get an explanation for that?  

There is something about that house that lets anyone who dies there, haunt it forever. Every week at least one person seems to be killed there.  I’ve lost count of all the dead inhabitants.  It’s almost it’s own little city.  I can sooner count the living people on the series than the dead ones.  Larry, with the burned face, is off to prison. Constance, the next door neighbor, who spends more time stealing stuff from Ben and Vivian Harmon than she does at her own house. Ben and Vivian are still alive, as far as I know.  The real estate agent seems to be alive.  Have I left anyone out?  How much longer will they be allowed to live?  Who knows.  

I could summarize the whole season for those who haven’t watched, but you really should try to find all the episodes and catch up before season two.  There is plenty written about the show online, but it’s NOT the same as seeing it. So if you love “horror” seriously try to watch.  I have a feeling FX will rerun the entire season one at some point and I’ll be watching it from start to finish.  

I can’t wait for tonight’s episode, number 11, The Birth of the twins!

Link with a very quick synopsis of series with pictures: American Horror Story in a Nutshell

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