Sunday, May 22, 2011

No Rapture…

Well a man named Harold Camping predicted the world would end yesterday, May 21, 2011, but it didn’t. I don’t think many believed it would, but they say nothing is impossible. So, for all we know, the world might have ended as a coincidence with Harold’s prediction. Everyone was talking about it or thinking about it. What if it was our last day?

I made a few jokes myself. My cousin said she was cleaning, and asked if she should continue. I told her to stop cleaning and make a big dinner so she doesn’t go on an empty stomach. That sounded like good advice to me, so I took it. Many people were jokingly saying good bye, just in case. Apparently, it was supposed to come at 6 PM everyone’s time…so it would happen gradually across the globe, at 6 PM their time. Only 6 PM came and went and everyone was still here. We were getting word from Australians in the morning that they made through rapture time and were still cooking shrimp on the barbie. One man tweeted it hadn’t interrupted his fish and chips and glass of stout.

Now you know if Rapture was for real it would have been all over Facebook statuses everywhere. But there were no warnings on Facebook. All we had was Harold’s word for it and he had been wrong in the past. He made the same prediction in 1994, and nothing happened. We not only lived through 1994, but Y2K too.

But, even though we are all still here and didn’t really think it would happen, it gave us pause to think what would we do if it were the last day. We do take a lot for granted. Tomorrow isn’t promised to us, Harold or no Harold. So maybe we can make all this foolishness count for something if we do a little attitude adjustment and tweak what we do and say.

If it was my last day, I would want to say “I love you” to all my family and friends. I’d want to spend my last moments with my husband and girls. I’d want to be at peace with the way I have lived my life, knowing that I have treated everyone the way I would want to be treated. To know I have been a good mother to my girls and a good friend to those who I care about. To feel like I did the best I could with the hand I was dealt in life. To meditate and pray. To believe I left this world a better place for having been there.

That’s a tall order, maybe I’d better start preparing for the next Rapture?

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