Monday, May 30, 2011

The Heat Is On!

At Coney Island Beach

I know I complained most of the winter about all the snow. I’m guilty. It was the worst winter I remember in my lifetime. But I don’t remember wishing for the heat. And I sure as hell didn’t wish for the humidity! It was 89 and humid today. For people who enjoy the beach or the pool, that’s probably delightful weather. Thousands of people were at Coney Island today enjoying the ocean. I enjoy neither.

I barely got to open my windows this year. After the weather started to warm up to the 70’s, it rained and rained for days at a time. April showers they call them. But those showers started in March and carried on into May. I would just like to enjoy some fresh air, but for one reason or another, the windows have to be shut. Now it’s hot, and the AC’s are already on. I suppose there is a chance we may get some cooler weather here or there, but it’s already Memorial Day and here, that means, summer has begun.

Still, complaining aside, if I had to choose between snow storms or 90 degree days, I would have to pick the heat. It’s more uncomfortable, but there are some remedies to stay cool. At least we can still park and travel as usual and don’t have to strategize how to get to work and back home. The sun doesn’t interfere with the roads and parking, mail delivery, or trash pickup. The snow definitely causes many more problems and inconveniences.

I think I will look at this as another opportunity to “adjust” to hot temperatures in case I decide to move to Florida with all the other senior citizens. I’m going to need a lot of practice if I ever decide to go that route. Every cold and miserable winter is pushing me more and more to actually consider relocating to a warmer climate. Decisions, decisions.

If you love the sun, stock up on sunscreen and protect your skin. My daughter was sitting in the shade yesterday and her shoulder was bright red when she came it. Be prepared. Meanwhile, until further notice, I’ll be sipping a pina colada and sitting next to the AC until October 15th.

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