Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Is Dead...

Osama was found at long last, after almost eleven years of searching. I just learned that Pakistan has been apparently lying to us all these years about his whereabouts. They built him a custom-made hideout in Abbotabadd, a rich area surrounded by military personnel and heavily secured. A million dollar home with no telephones or internet. It was located just 100 yards from a Pakistan military academy. Now, we just have to wait to see what in the world Pakistan is going to say about what we have learned.

President Obama promised that he would pursue Osama until he was found and killed. He delivered on his campaign promise. This is quite a coup. However, from reading the Republican point of view, he is not going to get one ounce of credit, as Commander and Chief of our Military forces, for this accomplishment. He will never get credit in their eyes for anything, this in particular.

I had to think about this. I’m sure if McCain was President right now there would be jubilant celebration on the part of Republicans for his being able to accomplish this historic feat. His remarkable leadership would be applauded to no end. However, McCain is not President, Obama is. It was on his watch and during his military leadership, that Osama, number one enemy of this country, was found and killed. No credit for Obama from Republicans, who are avoiding even the mere association of Obama with this act of justice and retribution for our citizens and our country. Instead, they praise the men and women who were actually there to physically execute this operation.

I also praise the military, the intelligence and all those involved in Osama’s capture and death. They deserve credit and praise. No one disputes that. But Obama does deserve credit. Why isn’t he getting any from Republicans? Because this victory, a long time coming, is not going to be forgotten for a very long time. And, guess what, there is a presidential election coming up in a year and a half, in November 2012 to be exact. How will they find someone to run against a President who not only vowed to captured and kill Osama bin Laden, but actually accomplished this during his first two and a half years in office? To praise Obama might even raise him to “hero” status. We cannot have that so close to an election. To add insult to injury, I have even heard that Republicans are trying to credit Bush, before giving any credit to President Obama. President Obama, who was only involved in this operation every step and decision along the way, will not get any acknowledgement from conservatives.

Well, I think the victims’ families of 911 will rest better now. I hope they will have peace of mind knowing Osama has been killed. I will be curious to see who they credit with this mission. I am just one New Yorker who knows I will be sleeping better tonight thanks to President Obama.
And, don’t be surprised at the end of the day, if everyone except President Obama gets credit for the success of this operation. I think Republicans will even get around to crediting the royal couple, Will and Kate. It was, afterall, their wedding, which created the overwhelming, international distraction necessary to bring the operation to its successful completion.

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