Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Kicks Off Summer 2011!

The unofficial start of the summer season begins with Memorial Day. Many people will be headed out for long weekend visits, going to the beach or having BBQs. Even we went out to get a grill and a folding table because my daughter wanted to invite some friends over. I went out and got her all her paper products and utensils too. I gave some good advice. She said, You don’t have to worry about anything” after all the supplies were bought, “I have all it under control.” So I sat back and relaxed. I get a call this morning. “Can you help me make potato salad tomorrow?” “Sure,” I answer, “but make sure you buy the small white potatoes for that because…” I am interrupted, “Can you get them while you are at the store tomorrow morning?” “Sure I can pick those up. Anything else you need.” “No I have it all covered,” she says.

I am the one who “suggested she get the grill and table, charcoal and lighting fluid Thursday night. I am the one who went out Friday to get the plates, tablecloth, utensils, dishes napkins etc etc etc. I suggested assembling the grill Saturday. But she is the one who has it all under control. To be perfectly honest, she didn’t want me to go to any trouble, she only asked for potato salad. But I volunteered because I realized how many stores she would need to go to today. She is buying all the food today, the veggies, fruit and meat and she worked hard all week, so I offered and volunteered and made a real pain in the ass out of myself, as usual. I am a nag and overly helpful to a fault. In the end though, she benefits from it.

Life is full of laughs, ha ha. So, she is out getting the food as I type and,when she sees this blog she may see red. But, she still needs me to make the potato salad, so maybe she will let this blog slide. I will report back if the BBQ is blog worthy tomorrow with another installment. Until then, I might have a little extra work to do around here. My husband and I were out in the yard this morning. He was mowing the grass and I was trimming weeds for the BBQ when I should have been sleeping of the Benadryll…but she has it all under control. Sigh!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

P.S. Daughter comes home.  I heard you were complaining about the potato salad.  "Yeah, I was." I respond.  "Well, could you get me broccoli, aperagus, watermelon or grapes?"  she asks.  "Sure, I say, as long as you have it all under control!

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