Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty McCreery Wins American Idol!

This was another very close finale between two equally talented contestants. Scotty just 17 years old and Lauren Alaina only 16 years old. Both country singers, both with wonderful smiles and personalities, both destined to become country stars after American Idol is over. But, at the end of the night, Scotty won! He is our official 10th American Idol, and I wish him the very best!

American Idol not only manages to pick the greatest singers, but these young people always seem to be so nice! I think that’s why it gets so emotional for me as I get attached to them week after week. I look at them all so talented, so hopeful, so sweet and I want them all to have a chance to fulfill their dreams. It is the main reason I have never gotten tired of this show and will watch till the end of time, even if my favorite doesn’t win or gets booted off early, like Pia did. All of them are being given the chance of a lifetime and somebody’s favorite is going to win!

I do not understand why people find it necessary to bash other contestants when theirs gets eliminated or doesn’t win. It has nothing to do with the other singers. The judges critique and the viewers vote. It’s anyone’s guess who will be going home, but the ones who remain are not at fault. I can understand that we all prefer different genres of music and different singing styles. If a contestant is off key, that is a legitimate complaint. But it’s ridiculous to criticize someone because you don’t like the genre of music they sing, especially when they are doing an awesome job week after week.

Okay, now back to the finale! Tuesday night it was announced that Lauren suffered a vocal cord injury. It may have been a bit much to bring the doctor out, but it may have been done so we would understand why her voice wasn’t up to it’s usual standards or if something were to happen during one of her songs. I actually heard a slight strain in her voice and a little hoarseness, bit overall she did a fine job and the judges practically crowned her at the end of the night. Her last song, Like My Mother Does was amazing and I hope they let her make a cd as soon as possible. The link to the studio version is below.

Scotty also outdid himself Tuesday night. He is cute, he is funny, and he has one of the best male country voices I have heard in a long time. Nashville is just waiting to roll out the red carpet for him. I see a very long and successful future for this young man. His new cd will be “Love You This Big” (link below) which should be released any day, since it is already recorded and set to go.

The night of the finale both contestants sang duets with two of country’s hottest singers. Scotty sang with Tim McGraw. They sang “Live Like You Were Dying,” and it was amazing! Later in the show Lauren sang a duet with Carrie, “Before He Cheats.” Carrie has sung that song only God knows how many times and yet, Lauren held her own in the duet. I think there were some moments when I could not tell who was singing had I had my eyes closed. I was very proud of lauren for being able to pull that off. It just confirmed for me that she deserved to be standing there at the end and that she has tremendous potential still to be developed. There is no telling how far both of these young singers can go. They have never had vocal or professional training or experience. All they have is natural talent, just like Carrie, when she won. Carrie grew as an artist by leaps and bounds into a superstar. These two Idols have it in them to make it big and they are well on their way.

I was at peace going into the finale and I am happy with the results! America got it right!

Scotty: "Love You This Big"

Lauren: "Like My Mother Does"

Lauren AND Carrie

Scotty and Tim:

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