Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Should We Release Osama's Picture?

A big debate and a lot of consideration is being given as to whether or not the government should release photos of Osama bin Laden. It has been reported that the government has three sets of pictures, taken at various times during the operation. The one picture that is recognizable of Osama, is extremely graphic, taken after he was shot. The decision whether or not to make the photo available probably hinges on considering the consequences of that action. While most Americans, a reported 59%, want to see the photo, there is concern that releasing it to the public will enrage Muslim extremists and al Qaida members and further incite them into taking terrorist action to avenge his death.

Would I like to see the picture? Yes, I would. Do I think seeing it is worth risking throwing “fuel” on an already raging fire? No, I don’t. I believe the government has taken every precaution to gather identifying information, such as photos and DNA that has been already been tested and is a match at 99.9%. That is enough for me. I think showing the photo will do more harm than good and enough harm has already occurred thanks to that evil man.

The way our country handles things from this moment on may affect us and we have a lot to do in the aftermath of Osama's death. We need to investigate Pakistan’s role in all this and whether they knew Osama was there all along. There was a lot of information gathered during the operation that needs to be scrutinized by our intelligence about al-Qaida’s future terrorist plans.

I would like to see us move on now. Justice has been served. The President will be at Ground Zero on Thursday, with the families if the victims of 911. I hope his words bring them all some measure of comfort and peace. This has been a cloud over all our heads for over 10 years. And now it’s over, finally over.

God Bless President Obama, the Navy Seals, US intelligence personnel, our heroic military men and women, for their tireless efforts and determination in closing this chapter in our nation’s history.

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