Monday, January 5, 2015

Celebrity Apprentice?


Last night my daughter eagerly awaited the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice and, unfortunately, I went a long for the ride. I’ll start by saying, it’s quite misleading to call this show “Celebrity” Anything. Where are the celebrities? I didn’t recognize more than half of the cast. Those who I did know, made me cringe.

We have Geraldo Rivera, who calls himself a war journalist. I was disgusted. My daughter wanted to know why. So, I told her how, in 2003, Geraldo went on national television and drew a map in the sand showing where our troops were heading for a surprise attack on Iraq. If Iraq was tuned in, and you know they were, they had our whole strategy thanks to Geraldo’s big mouth. Geraldo’s celebrity team chose this man as a “project leader” and took his suggestion to name the team “Vortex,” a word the weatherman has come to make me detest.

Then we have Ruby Huxtable aka Keshia Knight Pulliam, who I haven’t seen since she was five. She also wanted to be “project leader” for the women. The project was about raising money by selling two kinds of pies (savory and sweet) that the team creates. The winning pie, picked by the DUI Cake Boss, gets $25,000. The winning team is the one that raises the most money. It’s all about the money. Everyone’s biggest problem with Ruby is that she only raised about $7,000 herself AND refused to called “deep-pockets” Bill Cosby for a donation. A call that could have placed her team first. Her reason? She hasn’t spoken to Bill in about five years and didn’t think it was appropriate. I am guessing this was filmed before all Bill’s dirty laundry got aired, because who would want their charity tainted with Cosby’s money? Well, of course Donald Trump would. He says even though this was taped shortly before the rape allegations surfaced, she still should have asked him for money, it’s for charity.

Maybe my least favorite “celebrity” is Kate Gosselin. The non-stop talking, controlling, abusive mother of eight managed to get herself on this show. Having seen several episodes of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” I have found that this woman has zero “likeability” as far as I am concerned. She constantly berated her husband, was obsessive over her children, and totally insistent on getting her own way, just to name a few of her never ending faults. Most of all, I would say she exploited her children as much as she possibly could to keep that show going. I find that inexcusable and I have to wonder what the effects all those years on television will have on all of them. Now where was I? Oh yes, she is on the show. A show that criticizes people on their performance or lack there of. Kate doesn’t not accept criticism well. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t accept it at all. So when someone accused her of being lazy, she had to hold in her natural response to explode to the point that it looked like she was going to breakdown and cry. I know there are going to be a couple of good breakdowns in future episodes. Kate just rubs people the wrong way all day.

I wondered what the hell Vivica Fox was doing on the show? She really is a celebrity. Granted she hasn’t done too much lately, but still?

The next episode is on tonight . . . lucky me. Another two hours of torture unless Kate has a good meltdown or someone wipes that smug look off Geraldo‘s face. That might make it worthwhile.

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