Monday, August 13, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Advice to College Grads in Ohio…

Just borrow from your parents!

Can’t find a job? Take risks! Start a business. Borrow $20,000 from your parents, like his friend Jimmy John. This is the “American experience.” He is way out of touch with the majority of Americans today if he thinks most parents have thousands of dollars sitting around to hand over to their kids after helping them get through college. Even if they haven’t helped with college, many parents are up to their eyeballs in their own debt: mortgages, credit cards, home improvement loans, car loans…

Of course Mitt Romney is rich and his parents are rich. That’s why he can afford to make jokes about unemployment and he isn’t worried about the poor. That’s why he thinks nothing of suggesting that students run to their parents for thousands of dollars to start a business, when they are probably already shouldering thousands of dollars in college loan debt. Romney is rich and has no clue how the middle class lives. A four year college education at a private school can easily cost $150,000, which is just pocket change to Romney, whose net worth is estimated to be about $250 million dollars. To hard working people and their children, it’s a burdening debt that is almost impossible to pay back, especially in these times with high unemployment. 

Is it that hard to get a fix on how most people in this country are living today? Romney doesn’t even have to do the research himself. He has a staff who can do polls, look online, check unemployment statistics, look up college tuition costs, the amount of money people are taking on various loans, etc…the information is out there and the money is not. 

How is Romney supposed to represent the majority when he relates only to the rich minority? 

Hey, anybody out there got a few thousand dollars to lend to your children to start a business since they can’t get jobs after paying $150,000 for their education? Somehow I don’t think there are many parents who can.

And, college grads, if take Romney's advice and go to your parents to ask for money, tell them Mitt Romney sent you.

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