Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Prince Harry…A Royal Pain In the Ass

Prince Harry was in Las Vegas recently and he dressed down for the occasion. Unfortunately, he wasn’t alone or out of eye shot of cameras, because naked photos of him are now all over the internet. He blames an alcohol filled party. No doubt something was to blame for his poor judgment. Now, he is going to have to pay for his mistakes for a long time to come.

One punishment, for the third in line for the throne, is NO MORE Facebook. He has had to delete his account. Of course the account wasn’t under his real name, it was under the name Spike Wells, but it’s very hard to keep that a secret when you are a prince. Harry is only 27 and Judge Judy would probably say he is not “fully cooked,” as men take longer to mature than women. The other consequence is that his long term girlfriend dumped him. I’m sure Prince Charles and the Queen Mother had plenty to say to him too. I guess you might say they were “royally pissed.”

Harry’s security team is also at fault. It appears that when Harry and his friends were about to entertain a group of women, the women were not told to surrender their phones. That enabled them to take several pictures throughout the festivities. One has to wonder if the security team was also drunk?

Now there is a threat that even more embarrassing photos of Harry are due to come out, even worse than the previous set. There is word of a bigger breaking scandal in the works. Maybe, whoever has the story, is waiting to be paid off by the Royal family? Otherwise, why would they be holding on to it? The talk is that two casinos allegedly waived Harry’s $80,000 bill, which they deny. How all this ties together remains to be seen. Maybe Harry’s partying days are now over?

What does this all prove? Well what happens in Vegas, doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas! Stay Tuned!

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