Monday, September 17, 2012

Dr. Phil “Talks” To Dina Lohan

The previews were a train wreck! I had to tune in. I have always blamed Dina for the state of affairs Lindsay is in today. Now Dr. Phil wants to see what part her parents played in her troubles. Dina has four children. She has the nerve to talk about her husband’s issues, let’s see what she reveals about herself. Good luck understanding this because much of it is incoherent, thanks to Dina.

Dr. Phil starts the private interview. She has never had an in-depth interview about who she is. He wants to give her a chance to tell people who she really is.  She went to NYU and was a dancer major. She wants to cut the filming before they even get started…she is fascinated with the cameras. She says she feels like she is on a date with Dr. Phil. She talks about her ex-husband Michael, he was a nice guy, he was a trader in the stock exchange. She got pregnant a week after her honeymoon. She had doubts the day of her wedding of whether she should have gone through with the marriage. She says he was never abusive before the marriage, but the abuse started during the honeymoon. He threw a Bible at her head. She didn’t expect the abuse to continue. They were married 19 years, but only together 7 years. He was in jail for insider trading. She was physically abused while she was pregnant. Dr. Phil wants to know why she had three more children with him. Dr. Phil reports Michael says he only hit her one time and everything else she said was fabricated. She says he is lying. She asks to stop the filming again. Dr. Phil brings up the time Michael came to her house and forced his way in. How did he get in the house? She says he broke in. It was a nightmare. Everything happened so fast she couldn’t call for help. She wants to go home now. Dr. Phil says do what you want to do. He thinks she needs to talk about it. She finds it hard to talk about horrific situations. He asks what does she want to talk about? She says whatever is on his list. He asks how Michael's abuse affected Lindsay? She says he never mentions their other three children. He says she uses Lindsay financially for money. Dr. Phil is getting frustrated, she says wants to set the record straight and now she doesn’t want to talk about anything, she is reaching for words she doesn’t even know the meaning of. She says she is being scrutinized by "you people." Dr. Phil takes offense, he can’t understand what she is saying. Now she says she is guarded. He wants to know why she is there? She isn’t speaking the way she normally would.

Why are you here?, says Dr. Phil. She says are we rolling? He wants to ask questions and have her answer them honestly. She is obsessed with the cameras and that’s all she talks about, not her life. Dr. Phil says she is dodging questions and deflects everything. He says she knows the cameras are on, she is stalling, dodging his questions. It’s all a fraud. She has made herself look phony and inauthentic and that doesn’t show who she really is. He just wants an honest answer to his questions, he provides a safe place for people to talk about their feelings. He says she is flitting around, she says it’s not true. So far I have watched 25 minutes of the show and nothing has been answered and she is barely coherent. She doesn’t want to talk about the hard things. He says why are we here, she answers I don’t know.

He says so we’re done, there is nothing to talk about. She says he is in his "little tie and little shoes." He says what the hell does that mean? He says she was abused on her honeymoon, when she was pregnant and she went back and had 3 more children, why? She thought he changed. He didn’t want to go to counseling with her. He is going to read off some things from a card that Michael told them and she can respond. She never worked, she collected 20% of Lindsay’s money for managing her. He says she collected welfare while he was in jail even though his family supported her. She says they did not. He says she took money and commissions from Lindsay by lying to her. She denies all Michael’s lies. Dr. Phil says Lindsay has made some bad decisions because she started in show business at a young age. How much of Lindsay’s problems did Dina learn from the media? She says she had to read it and cry about it. They go through the list of Lindsay’s problems. She keeps talking over Dr. Phil. She says if Lindsay was in New York five of those things wouldn’t be on the list. People are under a microscope in LA. Dr. Phil is more frustrated.

They discuss alcoholism and addiction in their family. He asks if she is going to be okay.

Now Dr. Phil wants to get Michael’s side of the events. He wants him to have an opportunity to respond. She said Michael looks at Lindsay like the goose that lays the golden egg. He says it’s Dina that goes after her money. Dina says he is a drug user, he says yes before they got married, he doesn’t drink and do drugs. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, he says of Dina. Dr. Phil plays the tape. Michaels says she deflected every question Dr. Phil asked. He says one time he came home late and she hit him with an ice tray and he hit her back, that one time. Dr. Phil says Dina doesn’t take any blame at all for Lindsay’s addictions. He asks what he thinks of Dina’s behavior? He says she need an intervention and a rehab. He is concerned about her influence on the children.

There is another woman on the show who is saying he is the father of Ashley Ann, her daughter. He has never acknowledged his daughter. She was married and had an affair with Michael. She had her husband take a paternity test and he wasn’t the father. The woman wanted him to know that Ashley was his child. Michael never had a paternity test done, but believed she was his daughter. When she wants child support, Michael denies the child is his. Ashley has never met Michael. They play a tape of Ashley for him, she just wants the truth, she doesn’t want to be part of his life. Now that she sees who he is she doesn’t want anything to do with him, but she wants to know if he is her father. He says he will take the test and give her the answer she is looking for.

Now the show is over and I have an enormous headache. A waste of an hour, but I was compelled to watch. Nothing was accomplished except the paternity test for Ashley…maybe…because Michael is also a liar! Then Dr. Phil comes back and says Michael will do the paternity test IF it is done on television. Ashley wants it done privately. Who knows if it will ever really get done. Poor Lindsay Lohan, what chance did she have with parents like these two?

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