Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kate Middleton Royal Victim of Paparazzi

Of course the first royal victim was Princess Diana. The paparazzi hounded her literally to death. Two young boys were left without a mother. The world lost a great humanitarian. When does it end? Where do we draw the line? Nothing was learned from that tragedy. Nothing is sacred.

Poor Prince William. First he has to endure the death of his beloved mother. There is no one to be punished. There is no crime committed. But his mother died racing away from relentless photographers in a car chase that ended her life in Paris. Now he has to deal with the invasion of his own privacy and more importantly, that of his wife, Kate Middleton. Kate’s nude pictures are in countless magazines and websites, worldwide. Now that we have the internet, images become globally viewed in an instant. The Italian magazine who got the pictures did a 26 page spread on all her pictures and promise to release even more. What is there to do?

It really disturbs me that this couple, who were in a very private location, alone on a huge estate, were able to be photographed, in their intimate moments, without their knowledge and consent. There are still no laws on the books making this a crime? Maybe because it mainly affects the rich and famous, no one cares enough to do something about it?

It’s one thing if a celebrity is making an ass out of themselves in public and another when they are in, what they believe is a private location. What kind of zoom lens have they created and to what distance can they take pictures of unsuspecting subjects? It really is disturbing to me the lengths they will go to, to get the most embarrassing pictures possible to publish.

I’m not sure what anyone can do to prevent this from happening in the future or what laws can be passed to punish photographers who invade people’s privacy. I suppose if you just take off your clothes in your own house, with the drapes fully drawn, you might be safe. I guess the Royal family can hired people to remove the images of Kate from the internet. But that’s small consolation because they are so widespread in distribution that they will always and forever be out there. They are probably saved in thousands of computers across th world. If Kate becomes Queen of England one day, they will certainly resurface. If she has a baby, you can bet that next to her picture with the infant there will be her nude picture. It’s disgusting. She will have this hanging over her head for the rest of her life. She will have to explain it to her children. She has no choice really in the matter. If she doesn’t, surely they will find out on their own or through friends.

Just what we needed too, more tension in Europe between England and Italy and France.

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