Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beyonce: Lip Sync or Live?

The big question of the day, the latest scandal, the most serious concern on everyone’s mind is did Beyonce lip-sync the Star Spangled Banner or sing it live? Apparently, people can’t eat or sleep until they get and answer to this burning question. It’s all anyone can talk about and frankly I don’t get it. I watched her sing it. It was her voice. It looked like she was singing live, but I don’t care if she was lip-syncing to her own pre-recorded tape or singing live. If she wasn’t singing live, you could have fooled me.

What’s the big deal? It was her voice, she sang it, it was flawless, it was an awesome arrangement and an inspiring performance. So what if she was lip-syncing? If she sang live and made a mistake, everyone would be talking about that today instead. Whether it be a flat note or she forgot a word or got a lyric wrong. Do people really have nothing better to do and nothing more important to think about. While they are harping on this “controversy,” while they are embroiled in a debate of “did she or didn’t she,” another shooting took place yesterday at a college in Houston, Texas. While they are criticizing Beyonce, some of the victims of storm Sandy still have no heat or money to repair their homes. While they are waiting for answers to lip-syncing, the families of Sandy Hook are still grieving their loved ones. While they shine a spotlight on Beyonce’s “disgrace,“ Lance Armstrong’s 13 plus years of lying, coercion, cheating, intimidating, suing get swept under the rug and Oprah’s saying he can come out of all this a “hero” goes unnoticed. All I can do is shake my head. I just don’t get it.

What is wrong with this country that makes so much ado about nothing while serious matters fall to the wayside? Are we really that superficial and mindless that we can’t focus on important matters and we make something trivial the number one news item of the day? I think she did an outstanding job with her rendition of the song. I don’t care how it was delivered. She did justice to the solemnest of the inauguration. Honestly, while people were all a buzz about Beyonce, my mind was on the shootings in Texas, the fiscal cliff, the people freezing thanks to storm Sandy, the families still crying for their precious children in Newtown…Beyonce was the last thing on my mind.

And what if she was lip-syncing? Does that put a black mark on her record? Does that tarnish her career? Will Pepsi take back their 25 million dollar contract? Will her record sales drop? Will fans think less of her? I don’t think so. It’s over. It’s done. She was amazing. Let’s move on!

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