Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dylan Farrow And Her Molester...

I find subjects like this very hard to write about. So I can only imagine how difficult it was for Dylan Farrow to publically expose what was done to her when she was seven years old by her abuser. Her very public letter, published in the New York Times, sounded very real, sincere and detailed to me. I believe her. I cannot imagine living in a world where your abuser is celebrated and revered and honored for his accomplishments. There is no escape from reliving the horrible acts that were done to her when his name is always in the media and he is surrounded by celebrities and critics and on the recieving end of accolades. Where can she run? Where can she hide from it all? He called her a liar years ago and he continues to do so today. It's sickening.

There is plenty of evidence, that came out years ago, to more than suggest this little girl was telling the truth. This was not a little girl coached by her mother, to say evil things about her father. To come to that conclusion would make Mia Farrow, a loving mother to all her children, the evil monster. That is the only defense that the molester had, to redirect the focus and blame on someone else, to cast doubt on the child's accusations. But, no matter how hard he tries, there are facts in evidence that he cannot explain away.

Here is an interesting and well researched article that presents the facts of the case concerning what happened to Dylan Farrow: Facts considered by the court. If you haven't read Dylan's letter to her accusor, you can find it here: Dylan's Letter to Her Abuser

I recall the horror and shock when, on the heels of these accusations, Woody Allen (yes I said hs name), married his "daughter" Soon-Yi in 1992. He was 56 and she was 21. He married her right after his breakup with Mia Farrow, who he never "lived" with, but did adopt two of her eleven children, Moses age 13 and Dylan age 6. Allen was sleeping with Soon-Yi when she was about 18, for a year before breaking up with Mia, who learned of the affair in 1992. Mia went to Allen's apartament and "discovered six nude Polaroids of Soon-Yi on his mantle, her legs spread open."

I am not a lawyer, judge, or jury. I don't need evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to come to my conclusions. The facts speak for themselves. Dylan speaks for herself. Who can we believe? Who should we believe? I am satisfied that Dylan was molested by her father and her mother did everything in her power to protect her as soon as she foundout. Unfortunately, the scars and pain she suffered have not gone away and probably never will go away. She is living a lifetime sentence in her own personal prison, while her abuser receives lfetime achievement awards.

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  1. Woody's supporters are too busy blaming the Mia and Dylan and cleaning the Woody Allen. Mia and Dylan forced Woody to take nasty pictures and have sex with his girlfriends' daughter. Dylan provoked poor Woody. Even though Dylan was 7 she should have known better. Dylan and Mia should go to jail for forcing Woody to commit such acts. AND THAT'S THE AMERICAN WAY....