Wednesday, May 9, 2012

John Travolta Crosses The Line…

There have long been rumors of John Travolta being gay and his sexual orientation has been questioned, but now two lawsuits have surfaced, from different individuals, who claim that he allegedly sexually assaulted them. One of the individuals was a masseuse, who outlines the very specific details of their encounter in his complaint (link below), and is now suing for 2 million dollars. As soon as word leaked of this lawsuit, another lawsuit followed and I can only wonder how many more there will be. It’s disturbing to think that a man of his celebrity, would accost someone he doesn’t know and expect sexual favors in an insistent way, not taking no for an answer. John Travolta must have been doing this for years and yet no one complained until now. Even when told to stop, the complaint alleges that he persisted to the point the masseuse had to leave the premises.

Making a mistake is one thing. Misreading signals and apologizing for unwanted advances does happen. But, to blatantly persist in sexually harassing someone several times, to the point it turns into sexual assault, is crazy. The complaint sounds like it has the ring of truth to it to me. So, what is wrong with John Travolta? He has tons of money and if he wants to engage in illicit sex, I’m sure plenty of people would accommodate him. Why did he keep harassing someone who clearly was saying “no” throughout their meeting? It’s just ridiculous for him to open himself up to this kind of bad publicity and criminal action. I’m sure it isn’t going to help further his acting career. Last I heard, he was up for a part in the Gotti movie, playing John Gotti, Jr. I don’t know where that project stands, but this will not be good for it.

It seems to me this is another instance in which celebrities think they are above the law and untouchable. And why shouldn’t they? Often we hear about them just getting a slap on the wrist for any crime that you or I would get thrown the book at. I never understood why that is, but it needs to change. They make a mockery out of the justice system, and the legal system allows it.

I hope they get to the truth of what happened in both these cases, and others if they surface, and that he has to pay for his actions, both criminally and in a civil lawsuit. There is just no excuse for this kind of behavior and I hope all his victims pursue legal recourse now that the cat is out of the bag!

Link to complaint: Masseuse Complaint

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