Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beyonce's Baby Girl: Blue Ivy

Well somehow pictures of baby Carter have been leaked to the internet before being sold for millions to a magazine. When I first saw the picture this morning, I was captivated for some reason. This little girl, being held in her mother's arms, seemed to have the face of an old soul. Beyonce, of course looks great, even after giving birth. I don't look half as good as she does on my best day. I know how Beyonce feels as a first time mother of a new baby girl. You cannot describe the joy and love that fills your heart, but it is written all over her face. Baby Blue is already on the billboard charts too! Her cries were incorporated into a song that her father, Jay Z, wrote for her, called "Glory", which was released two days after her birth. Here is another close up of Blue Ivy:

It takes me back to when I first gave birth to my older daughter. That was a moment in time I will never forget. It's the wonder and awe of seeing this beautiful, precious little bundle, a miracle really, that I have been carrying around for nine months. I love her unconditionally. I count her ten little fingers and ten little toes. I study her. She's perfect in every way. She smiles in her sleep. She has dark hair and hazel eyes. She is so small and fragile, I am almost afraid she will break. She has to go back to the nursery.

The next day, the nurse brings her to me for a feeding and tells me to wake her up by opening the blankets and tickling her feet. I try doing all that, but my precious bundle won't wake up to eat. She is in a deep sleep.  I'm already a failure on day one. The nurse comes back to get her and sees she hasn't taken her formula. I get reprimanded for not calling her for help. My first day as a mom and she cuts me no slack. I'm exhausted from all the noise and visitors that the other two women had all day and night. I can't wait to go home with my daughter. My mom is coming to visit, she will make everything ok.

When my mother arrives, I am expecting her to be thrilled. She has been waiting for grandchildren a long time and this is her first. I ask her if she has seen the baby in the nursery. She says yes. I ask her what does she think? She answers, "She looks like a wet cat." I said something like what do you mean a "wet cat"? I studied her little face and she is so cute! "Sorry, she looks like a wet cat to me." And that was the beginning. 

I went home two days later. I was nervous and so was my husband, who had been buying formula for when we got home. We had a hard time getting our baby into the car seat. It was raining that morning too. I was in pain from the stitches. I finally got in the back seat of the car and held her in my arms, while he drove home as carefully as possible. We made it home and our lives as a little family began.

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