Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl's Worst Play...

Worst play of the game: Mrs. Brady opens mouth, inserts foot!

I watched more of this Super Bowl than any other in my lifetime. Why? Not because of the NY Giants, not to spend time with my husband, certainly not because I love the game or any sport for that matter. I watched because we had a little company and I was waiting for a little appetite to get worked up.  I have to say that the last minute of the game was very suspenseful. The Giants, “our team,” were ahead and the Patriots could still pull off a win in the last 60 seconds. So that last minute was really something to see. 

However, yesterday I heard something that irked me, and it was a statement made by Mrs. Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback. I don’t want to paraphrase what she said so I will quote it: 

“You [have] to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball,” she said in a video posted by TheInsider.com, via TBL.  “My husband cannot f–king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.” ~ Gisele Bundchen

I have no idea who plays for the Patriots, and frankly I don’t care that much. However, what could sting more than losing the Super Bowl, after having a great season, might be being told that it’s your team’s fault and the only player who deserves any credit at all is Tom Brady, by Mrs. Tom Brady? I am sure that was a boost to everyone’s morale. The Patriots looked dejected and depressed after the game. No one had anything to say. Yes I stuck around for the post game and thankfully it was a mere 20 minutes long. 

But the day after the game, Mrs. Brady had a mouthful to say about the game, criticizing the receivers for not catching  the balls and dropping them so many times. And it’s her remarks that are being publicized and repeated over and over again in the media. So Much for good sportsmanship. 

Only one team can win a game. A lot was riding on this one. Maybe the Patriots were having a bad day, were out of sync, weren’t up to the challenge. Maybe the Giants were playing exceptionally well? Who knows? At the end of the game there can only be one victor and one loser. Then, it’s time for the losers to be gracious and congratulate the winners. I didn’t see any congratulations going around. The Patriots seemed so dejected they couldn’t even speak. But leave it to Mrs. Brady, supermodel, to get a super nail in the coffin of this defeat. Her comments stung. Her husband will have to go and face his teammates soon enough. I imagine he was embarrassed by what she said. I hear his plays weren’t all perfect either, but I’m no expert.  I guess I should be grateful she didn’t lash out at the Giants? 

I just think her comment was so out of line and speaks to her character as a person. People like that should think before they speak. The days of good sportsmanship and grace in losing are over. Money has changed sports. Steroids have changed sports. And people’s attitudes about winning and losing have changed sports…and not for the better.

Maybe Mrs.Brady should stick what she knows best...modeling and footwear!

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