Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Clink of a Glass…

For the Clink of a Glass…

Yesterday was Sunday and, as usual, my brother Vin pays us an afternoon visit. With every visit comes a story. This week the story was one that I relate to and I am going to try and do it justice here. 

My brother knows a co-worker of German descent, we will call her Greta, who is married to Sean, of Irish descent. He tells us that Greta always has stories of her in-laws every week. The closest he can get us to understand this is to compare it to Everybody Loves Raymond. He says the in-laws have two sons, one who they didn’t care if he got married, and Sean, who they didn’t want to marry Greta. My brother says that Greta worked for a long time helping Sean, while he was building up a new business and it started to make money. Then they had two little girls. Sean’s father works for him in his company. 

Vin was talking to Greta this week and she tells him about the “clinking of the glass” incident. Apparently, Greta and Sean were at some kind of family celebration and when it came time for the toast, Greta unintentionally did not “clink” her glass with her mother in-law. The mother in-law took this oversight as a huge insult. Suffice to say that the in-laws have not been talking to Greta and Sean for quite some time. Greta has been telling Sean just apologize if that is what they want and be over with it. 

Now as it happens, Greta and Sean’s daughter had a birthday recently. You might be wondering if the in-laws made an appearance? No, they did not. The feud continues and the father in-law dropped off a present for his granddaughter in Sean’s office. Sean was understandably upset because now he has to try to explain to his daughter why her grandparents won’t be at her birthday. All for the clink of a glass!

Greta tells Vin that they have always alternated holidays and this Thanksgiving is her turn. She wonders if her in-laws will be coming. Then she tells my brother, if they don’t come, she will invite “us” over (my brother and our family) because she really wants to meet us. Turns out Greta and Sean live right in my neighborhood too. There is something about Greta I really like! 

Okay so if Greta had her own blog, this would make a great story. But all the while my brother was talking, I looked at him in wide eyed amazement. I kept saying are you sure her in-laws aren’t Italian? I have never a story like this, that could have easily happened to me word for word! My brother laughs and says no, they aren’t Italian. My next thought goes to a nice Thanksgiving dinner that I don’t have to cook! All for the clink of a glass!

Now aside from the fact that this story sounds like an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, or a page out of my book, the situation is actually very sad. People waste so much precious time with petty foolishness. Who knows what tomorrow will bring or if anyone of us will wake up tomorrow? Is this the way you want to spend the last of your days, if your time is suddenly up? Sometimes people need a wake-up call, an adjustment of their priorities, or a smack in the head! Get over the clink of a glass!

PS My brother adds this post-script:

She called the mother in law and told her she was sorry about the incident and that it was unintentional and her mother in law called her a liar. Her mother in law said that she has always been rude to her. She tried to tell her that she had a $15 martini in her hand and that she did not want it all over the table.

She called her husband and told him what happened. The father was there and was happy to hear about the call but didn't know what his wife had said. The husband is going to call the mother tomorrow.

The mother thinks its best if she keeps her distance. That includes the grand kids.

Mom would be rolling over in her grave right now. She never had enough time with the kids.

Oh well...

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