Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mugs For Christmas…

Every year I run out of gift ideas. It’s not easy, even with a short list of people to buy for, to come up with ideas everyone will like. Last year I decided to give everyone a nice, new mug. CVS was having a special on 15 oz. mugs for $11.99, if I remember right. I decided to look for some special pictures to put on each of my gift mugs and they were a hit last year.

For my husband, I selected a picture of his favorite Beatle album cover, which is Abbey Road. He listens to the Beatles all the time and I knew he would enjoy seeing that image on his mug every morning. My younger daughter was a little harder. She is not a long term, die hard fan of anything. But I happened to catch her watching reruns of “Sunny In Philadelphia” every night before dinner. It was obvious she was a fan of the show, so I found a picture of the cast, with the name of the show, for her mug. My daughter and her boyfriend had just taken a trip to Paris and London. I rummaged through their pictures and found one of the two of them with the London Bridge in the background. I made two identical mugs of that picture for the two of them.

My brother’s favorite movie is “Brokeback Mountain.” I have been wanting to get him a mug with a picture from that movie for a long time. There were tons of great pictures online and I picked one. I have to say everyone was really happy with their mugs. All I had to do was go online to the CVS site photo department, upload the photos and have them delivered to the store. It was so simple and the mugs turned out great. The best part is you can put just about anything you want or can find on a mug and make it very personal. Some mugs even let you add two different pictures, one on each side. If you like the idea you have plenty of time to do your homework…I thought of my idea at the last minute last year, but still got them in plenty of time.

I’m already scratching my head for ideas for this Christmas, but I just wanted to share this idea because it went over so well for me last year. Everyone needs a new mug every now and then.

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