Thursday, October 25, 2012

Donald Trump’s 5 Million Dollar Offer Refused

A friend of mine was curious about my opinion regarding Donald Trumps five million dollar offer to President Obama. Trump says he would give five million dollars to any charity of the President’s choice if he produces college transcripts and his passport. Frankly, I would have taken him up on his offer if I were the president, because certainly the information is readily available. However the president might be a little busy these days and have time to entertain the pathetic meanderings of an attention seeking, faux-celebrity who is attempting to distract everyone’s focus from the election and issues. So Trump made an offer that the president didn’t fall for and wisely refused.

Why would Trump make such an offer just days before the presidential election? There is a ton of speculation. I think he made the offer to get media attention for himself, and he succeeded. Five million dollars may not be a lot of money to Trump, but to most of us it is a huge sum of money. It’s enough of a story to have media sources clamoring. Why else might Trump have made the offer? Trump was the most annoying voice demanding to see President Obama’s birth certificate. Now that the birth certificate has been produced, he is trying to stir the pot again, with the same doubting voters, asking for the release of other documentation. However, I read somewhere that even the Republicans are not happy with this transparent ploy. Trump is bringing up an old strategy that has been put to rest, while the GOP has moved on to making the economy their main issue. So Trump is like an annoying fly, buzzing around and making noise and distracting people from the main issues in order to bring attention to himself. And, as Trump is associated with the GOP, he isn’t doing anything to advance Romney’s cause with this ill timed, feeble gimmick.

Now, here is where I have to make a confession. I was reading and skimming various news items quickly and, being distracted by personal issues of my own, I misread: Trump, 5 billion dollars and Romney. I didn’t think anything of it. I thought it was a joke, because what I actually thought I read was Trump Offers Romney 5 Billion Dollars if he will release 10 years of tax returns. Yes, that is the God’s honest truth. That made more sense to me that the actual facts, even when they were pointed out to me. Now, what we need is a wealthy democrat offering a similar deal to Romney. If Romney will produce his tax returns they will give five million dollars to the 47% of the country he insulted. That is, before he switched to running for president of 100% of the country. 

So what did Trump accomplish? He didn’t hurt President Obama, who laughed off his offer, along with most of America. He made Romney and the GOP look bad. And, he made a laughing stock out of himself.

With friends like Trump, who needs enemies?

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