Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jodi Arias Murder Trial…

Seems I am the last to know about the case of Jodi Arias, the woman who brutally murdered her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in Arizona in 2008. I haven’t read all the facts, but they are prosecuting her for premeditated murder and she is claiming self defense, saying she was a victim of abuse. The only other story with as many holes in it as hers is Oscar Pistorius’s account of what happened to his girlfriend. Ironically enough, both bloody victims were found in the bathroom.

Jodi went into Travis’ home armed with a gun and a knife. She says he lunged at her. She ended up shooting him twice in the face, slitting his throat from side to side and stabbing him 27 times. Overkill? The pictures of the crime scene are pretty gruesome.

To make a case for her defense, Jodi is claiming all kinds of things about Travis to malign his character and justify her actions. And even though she kept a detailed diary of their relationship, she never bothered to mention the things she now alleges about him. His deviant behavior, she states, included his sexual desire for young boys. She alleges he was a sexually deviant womanizer. He owned a gun. He abused her. None of these things have been confirmed by evidence or witnesses. At first, Jodi denied she had anything to do with the murder and blamed it on “masked intruders.” But later, she admitted to doing it. She used the handgun from her grandparent’s home and got rid of it. She also got rid of the bloody clothes and tried to clean up the crime scene. The motive? Jealous rage. She allegedly killed him because he tried to break up with her.

Investigators found a camera at the murder scene which contained some pictures now being used as evidence. The memory card contained pictures of their last sexual encounter (the case is full of sexually explicit details that occurred during their relationship), Travis in the shower presumably just before his death, pictures of his bloody body and Jodi dragging the body across the floor. The crime scene pictures may have been taken accidentally when the camera was dropped. There are a lot of pictures online. There are a lot of videos of Jodi testifying in her case. She is very calm and cool. It’s eerie to me. Almost reminds me of Casey Anthony. No conscience, no remorse, no emotion.

Jodi told many lies to authorities throughout their investigation. Her story has changed several times. There is more than enough evidence to convict her of premeditated murder, in my opinion. There is daily live stream coverage of the trial online. I caught a few minutes of her testimony. She looks like someone you would never expect to commit such a brutal crime. Yet, some of what I read indicates she was an obsessed stalker.

Enter Nancy Grace. Nancy loves a good crime story and milks them all for all they are worth. She has taken on Jodi’s case and found her guilty of Murder 1. I haven’t had a chance to watch Nancy yet because I am watching American Idol…I rather listen to music than be bombarded with the details of this murder/sexcapade. However, I may tune in when there is nothing better to watch and get Nancy’s full blown opinion right from the horse’s mouth. One of the things Nancy is harping on is that Jodi now has a female, inmate lover and expects this to bolster the prosecution’s case. Jodi claimed that Travis was a sexual deviant, but this jailhouse romance, coupled with the fact that another ex-boyfriend’s claims that she liked to take naked pictures, may just shift the deviancy on to her, in the minds of the jurors.

I have to say, the facts of the case are fascinating enough to have gotten my attention. There is certainly enough here for a great movie. You just can’t make this stuff up. Oh, did I mention she bought several gas cans before committing the murder? Who does that? It’s almost like she had intentions to burn the place down and destroy all the evidence…don’t you think?

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