Thursday, March 7, 2013

Taylor Swift...

I always seem to waiver on the subject of Taylor Swift. Part of the reason is that the media always pits her against Carrie Underwood, almost like it’s a competition for awards and popularity. Well that’s no contest in my book, for many reasons, the main reason being Taylor’s lack of singing ability. She has proven time and time again that she can’t hit the right notes, even to songs she wrote herself. Also, Taylor is not a real country singer. I don’t even know how she gets inserted into country music awards where she competes against Carrie. But even without real vocal ability, she is very popular with preteens. Up until now, I have thought Taylor was a good role model, compared to most entertainers. She knows who her fans are and she recognizes that she is a big influence on them. I have to give her credit for conducting herself in a positive way…if you overlook her serial dating.

Taylor is about 23 (I’m too lazy to look up her age), and has been dating and breaking up with boys/men for several years now. It’s even become a joke because with every breakup comes a new hit song. I have to say that I never felt any of her relationships were “real” or serious. To me it always appeared that they were about getting media attention and publicity, not just for herself, but the guy she was dating. That’s just my opinion. The age range of her “suitors” goes from teenage boys to older men. You have to wonder why any male in his right mind would get within 100 feet of her. If a boy/man decides it’s worth the risk of dating her, the rest of us are waiting for him to get dumped and then ridiculed in one of her new songs. I wonder if there are statistics on how many men she has written songs about? I’m sure she has broken every record…for dating, not music.

Well, now Taylor has made it back in the news again, but this time not so much on a positive note and not for dating or breaking up either. It happened at the Golden Globe Awards, when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made a joke about Taylor’s love life. Actually, Taylor made her own love life a joke, but I digress. The joke told at the award ceremony was that Taylor should stay away from Michael Fox’s 23 year old son. Everyone laughed, except Taylor. Taylor went on to interview with Vanity Fair and expressed her sentiments about the joke in that interview. She quoted Madeline Albright, saying, "there's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." Now, I don’t know about you, but that sounds to me like Taylor can’t take a little joke. It wasn’t even a bad joke. It might not even be a funny joke, considering her history. But Taylor was evidently pissed off and the story still has not died out.

Now, everyone wants to know Tina and Amy reactions to what Taylor said about their joke. Tina said, “I did not see that one coming…it was a light-hearted joke.” Amy sad she was sorry Taylor felt bad and that she was going to hell, but not for this…mostly for things having to do with boring taxes. Too bad Taylor doesn’t have a sense of humor. It is really an honor to be teased by two of the funniest women in the entertainment industry today. I guess they touched a nerve. Maybe Taylor is tired of dating? Maybe she had Michael Fox’s son in her crosshairs as her next target? Whatever is bugging her, it’s unbecoming and a little immature. I think Taylor Swift needs to grow up. Stop dating teenagers. Take some time to discover who she is besides a serial dating, dumping, song writing, “singer.” She needs to mature and figure out what she wants in a man. Let some time pass and change her M.O. so men aren’t afraid of her. I wonder if she even knows how to write songs about anything else?

I heard, not long ago, that she sent a message, via another person, that she wanted to date Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper? Thank God he had the sense to politely decline. Her rumored new boyfriend is Ed Sheeran…I am supplying a link if you care to check him out. I think there will be a new Taylor Swift song out in April…Get a Make Over Or It’s Over, over, over…


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