Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beware Of Facebook Lock Out…

I was watching the evening news while waiting for my daughter to get home from work and heard about the “Facebook Lockout.” Facebook is apparently trying to cut down on fake accounts, like the kind “catfish” make up, and many other scams. And, in addition, if you are in violation of any of their terms and conditions, they have decided they will lock you out of your account for 24 hours. In order to get back in to your account you will have to provide them with government identification. The ID can be a passport or driver’s license which must show your picture, birth date and name which they will delete it after confirming your identity.

What if you don’t violate any of their rules? Well, you still may get locked out in error. In that case you will have to take it up with Facebook and get them to tell you why you have been locked out. Maybe they will unlock your account, maybe not. If you cannot reach Facebook, you may have to ask a good friend to contact them on your behalf. How about that?

I am not crazy about this new plan that Facebook is already implementing. I don’t feel safe giving out my government ID in a day and age when identity theft is a serious problem and getting worse by the minute. I understand Facebook’s need to try and eliminate corrupt and demented people from taking advantage of unsuspecting account holders, but requiring government identification doesn’t sit well with me. I’m not sure if I would give then that information and, in that case, I would lose my account. This is another case where the good are being punished for the sins of the bad.

Facebook may wind up losing a lot of people in the process. Would you be one of them? I am providing a link with more information so you can at least be aware of what to do in a lockout situation or think it over ahead of time.

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